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The LSE-UCT Summer School was extremely enriching, with lecturers on top of their game regarding their field.

Sonia Maissin, University of Cape Town, South Africa

LSE Africa Summit 2019

The LSE is excited to present its 6th Annual Africa Summit with the theme Africa’s Future Frontiers. This topic aims to explore how Africa can navigate its crossroads to position itself for economic and social sustainability and inclusivity by tapping into Africa’s future frontiers. These frontiers include the prospects of reaching beyond its borders to bring about exponential growth, the revolutionising of banking to ensure financial inclusion, the establishment of the rule of law for a fairer and just Africa, the harnessing of technology for private sector development, and the embracing of a sustainability culture and African soft power for socio-cultural empowerment, among many others.

Africa Summit 2019 2

When: Saturday 30 - Sunday 31 March 2019

Where: London School of Economics and Political Science


The Politics of Urban Inequality in Brazil and South Africa

Through major domestic policy experiments – some spectacularly effective, some dismal failures – Brazilian & South African societies transformed dramatically over 25 years, most noticeably in their urban social structures and politics. This has had effects for the distribution of power, the environment, the state of the economy, and for how their cities are produced, regulated, and experienced. These places are defined by histories of racialised inequality and its intersections with class-based inequalities, presenting a fascinating set of comparative lessons for elsewhere in the world, but also for each other at this pivotal moment in their political, economic, and environmental trajectories following manifestations of deep instability evidenced in severe water crises, corruption scandals, economic disruption, and racialised violence.

Events Urbal Inequality

When: Friday 01 March 2019 6:00pm to 7:00pm

Where: Wolfson Theatre, NAB, London School of Economics and Political Science

Events from 2018

LSE Africa Summit 2018

An annual two-day conference that engages policymakers, business leaders and researchers in discussion on solutions to Africa's most pressing issues.

Friday 20 - Saturday 21 April 2018

Hosted by LSE 

African Development Forum 2018 -TRANSITIONS: Migrating, Integrating, Innovating

2-3 March 2018, 6pm to 6pm

Hosted by the Centre of African Studies, SOAS

Zimbabwe after the Mugabe era

19 February 2018, 5:00pm to 7:00pm

Hosted by the Centre of African Studies, SOAS


Wednesday 31 January 2018, 4:30pm to 6:30pm

Hosted by Transnational Law Institute, King's College London

Events from 2017

China and Africa: building peace and security on the continent


Hosted by International Relations, LSE


Gender Equality: how can the UN lead?


Hosted by the Centre for Women, Peace and Security, LSE


Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa: drawing on the past, looking to the future


Hosted by the International Growth Centre (IGC) and Firoz Lalji Centre for Africa, LSE


Flow: black bodies and the practice of refusal


Hosted by the Department of Gender Studies and Feminist Review, LSE