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Read excerpts from Chloe's wonderful blog and discover what she thought about life at the LSE-UCT Summer School

July 3, 2019, officially earned the title of 'best day of my life so far'. A bold statement, but let me explain…

Chloe Scott, Canada

Chloe Scott 2019Photo: Chloe, Dominic and Anda at Cape Point

27 June 2019 "The opportunity to study at University of Cape Town through LSE has been phenomenal thus far. I am grateful to be in the company of fellow students from around the world in one of the most incredible cities! Our coursework has kept us busy, but with rain on the weather forecast for this weekend, we opted to take an evening off in favour of hiking up Lion’s Head, a 669M mountain that promises panoramic views of the city of Cape Town, Camps Bay, and Table Mountain." Contunue reading

Chloe Scott 6Photo: Hiking up Lion's Head

4 July 2019: "July 3, 2019, officially earned the title of 'best day of my life so far'. A bold statement, but let me explain…a road-trip along a coastal highway to visit a National Park, catch a sunset, and visit some penguins. Throw in great company who, despite hailing from different countries and speaking with various accents, become fluent in a secret language of inside jokes and nostalgia by the day’s end. Our plan was hatched only a few days earlier, when a new friend, Tom, drew us a makeshift map of the Cape Peninsula to explain how to get to Chapman’s Peak. It didn’t take much convincing for him to agree to join us for the trip, and he kindly offered to drive. Niel (Namibia), Dominic (Austria), Anda (Romania), Tom (South Africa) and myself (Canada) schemed up what would constitute the “perfect” Cape Peninsula adventure. Embracing our “tourists” status, we set out on our self-designed tour after class on Wednesday afternoon. Our first stop? Kalk Bay for Kalky’s Fish and Chips, followed by a visit to the seals down at the harbour. We were thoroughly entertained as they thrashed about, enjoying their own lunch while seagulls circled hungrily overhead." Continue reading

Chloe Scott 7Photo: Kalk Bay Harbour

13 July 2019: "I love learning about socioeconomic phenomena, and the course I enrolled in as part of LSE-UCT Summer School allowed me to do just that. IR201 “Africa and Global Transformation: The Rise of Emerging Power and a New International Order” had attracted a unique and enthusiastic group of thirteen students from all over the world, each bringing a different perspective to the seminar-style lectures and tutorials. The wealth of experiences within the classroom was nothing short of phenomenal. The course content was attention-grabbing, and we began our studies with an in-depth look at emerging powers in Africa. Professor Chris Alden, a world-renowned scholar in the field of International Relations and leading expert on the role of emerging powers in Africa, introduced us to the dynamic and complex Sino-Africa relationship. We discussed whether China is an economic competitor, development partner or potential hegemon in Africa, with specific reference to China’s foreign policy. We also questioned whether China’s non-interference policy helps or hinders Africa. With these questions in mind, we turned our attention to issues such as peace and security, inequality, and local frictions. Continue reading 

Chloe Scott 1Photo: On the steps in front of UCT's beautiful Chancellor Oppenheimer Library.

14 July 2019: "The people I had the privilege of meeting and the places I experienced made for the trip of a lifetime, and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to travel to the University of Cape Town through London School of Economics. My friend Anda shared an Ernest Hemingway quote that resonates; I never knew of a morning in Africa when I woke up that I was not happy. Until next time, South Africa." Continue reading

Chloe Scott 3Photo: Lion's Head

Thank you very much Chloe for joining the LSE-UCT Summer School class of 2019 and for sharing your wonderful photos and amazing blog with us!