How do I submit an original transcript?

Transcripts can be submitted 

  • by post to Graduate Admissions, The London School of Economics, Houghton Street, London WC2A 2AE
  • online via the new information form - please note that scanned transcripts can be used to meet degree conditions, but we will need an original or certified copy before you can register
  • Direct from your university or via a secure online service such as Digitary. Please share the link to your original transcript with us at
  • Graduates of Chinese institutions must submit their transcripts/proof of qualifications via CHESICC.

Supplying transcripts once you have received an offer: We require original or certified copies of all documents in English. We will accept a translation, but only if it has an official stamp from your university or a translation service and if the original document is also supplied. We will not accept an unofficial translation.

We must receive original or certified signed documents prior to registration in October. These must be paper documents bearing the original stamp and signature of your institution, a public notary or the British Council, or electronic documents supplied directly from your institution either by email or using an online verification service. Do not send your original degree certificate, as documents cannot be returned.

What are transcripts?

Qualifications pending: The transcript or mark sheet is a list of subjects studied and the grades obtained to date. If you are at a university that does not supply transcripts or mark sheets, please ask your academic referees to comment in detail on your progress, including your marks obtained in all years of study. You may apply if you are awaiting any examination results. You must have fully graduated by the end of October in the year you are expected to register.

Qualifications held: The transcript should include the information above, plus your final overall grade and the date on which your qualification was awarded. You should supply this information for all university level study. If your transcript does not include your final mark and date of award, you should send a certified copy of your degree certificate as well. Do not send your original degree certificate, as documents cannot be returned.

Applicants currently or formerly registered at LSE do not need to supply transcripts of their LSE qualifications as these are generated internally.