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Emeritus and visiting professors

Atkinson, Anthony (Professor) - Emeritus Professor of Statistics
Interests: Regression Diagnostics; Experimental Design; Robust Methods.
Further information: staff page
Contact details: COL 7.14, +44 (0) 20 7955 7621, a.c.atkinson@lse.ac.uk

Bartholomew, David (Professor) - Emeritus Professor of Statistics
Contact details: djbartholomew@btinternet.com

Lahiri, Soumendra Nath (Professor) - Visiting Professor
Further information: North Carolina State University
Contact details: snlahiri@stat.ncsu.edu

Norberg, Ragnar (Professor) - Emeritus Professor of Statistics
Interests: Risk theory; Insurance mathematics - life and non-life; Financial mathematics; Related problems in probability and statistics.
Further information: staff page
Contact details
: r.norberg@lse.ac.uk

Rheinländer, Thorsten (Professor) - Visiting Professor
Further Information: TU Wien
Contact details: rheinlan@fam.tuwien.ac.at

Shiryaev, Albert (Professor) - Visiting Professor
Further information: Steklov Mathematical Institute
Contact details: albertsh@mi.ras.ru

Sinclair-Desgagné, Bernard (Professor) - Visiting Professor
Further information: HEC Montréal
Contact details: bernard.sinclair-desgagne@hec.ca

Tong, Howell (Professor) - Emeritus Professor of Statistics
Interests: Non-linear time series including parameric, non-parametric and semi-parametric approaches and applications to ecological and economic data.

Wynn, Henry (Professor) - Emeritus Professor of Statistics
Interests: Algebraic Statistics; Search and optimization; Tube theory; Bayes Nets and Time Series; Industrial Statistics; Risk and decision.
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Contact details: h.wynn@lse.ac.uk
Professor Wynn is the Chair of the Centre for the Analysis of Time Series