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Teaching in the Department of Statistics

Graduate teaching assistants

The Department employs Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs) to teach a number of its undergraduate and postgraduate courses. In particular ST102, Elementary Statistical Theory and ST107, Quantitative Methods are taught to a large number of students across the School and require a significant number of classes.

With some exceptions, most courses consist of two 1-hour lectures a week and one class. With larger courses students are divided into classes according to their degree programme. This is mainly for social reasons to encourage students to get to know each other on their programme.

The Department employs mostly research students as GTAs. Some of these teachers are registered on PhD programmes in the Department of Statistics; others are from different departments in LSE and some from other London universities. If you are interested in becoming a Graduate Teaching Assistant with the Department of Statistics please contact Imelda Noble (Department Manager) for more information and to find out what sort of opportunities are available.

You should also complete a teaching request form, expressing your interest in taking on GTA duties. This must be countersigned by your supervisor.

Teaching request form| (MS Word)
Teaching request form| (PDF)

Part-time teachers' office

There is an office in the Department (COL 7.15) available for teachers during their office hours. This room needs to be booked with Imelda Noble (Department Manager for Resources and Planning) at the start of term. There is a PC and telephone in the room for teachers' use. If you need to use this room for any other purpose (such as to mark homework or update class registers) please make a booking with Sarah McManus by email to s.mcmanus@lse.ac.uk|.  

Photocopy card

Class teachers can borrow a photocopy card from the Administrative Office (B611) for photocopying material for teaching Statistics courses. Please let a member of our administrative team know if the card is running low on credit so that it can be re-charged for the next user.

Homework boxes

Students submit their completed exercises in the homework boxes located just inside the entrance on the ground floor of Columbia House. Class teachers and markers are allocated a homework box at the beginning of term and can collect their key from the Administrative Office. Please ensure that you return this key at the end of the year so that the homework boxes can be reassigned.

Teaching observation

As part of the Department's commitment to providing support for its GTAs all class teachers should expect to be observed during one of their classes. The purpose of class observation is to ensure that the standard of teaching is satisfactory, and more importantly, to give advice and support to the teacher. Teachers will be contacted early in their teaching schedule to arrange a suitable date when their class can be observed. A meeting will be arranged prior to their class to discuss what they hope to achieve in the session and to raise any issues of concern. Following the class the teacher and observer will meet again for de-briefing and a discussion.

Class teaching

Most GTAs undertake class teaching, which usually entails working on exercises provided by the course lecturer. For these courses students are normally given the work during the lecture and submit completed exercises to their class teacher in the week. This is then marked and returned to the student in class when the exercises are worked through as a group.

Class teachers should expect to have adequate consultation with the course lecturer and be provided with a course outline at the beginning of term. Other course material, such as course packs will be available on Moodle. Teachers are expected to learn any material in the course with which they are not familiar and consult with the lecturer in case of difficulty.

Student attendance at classes is compulsory. Class teachers should keep a complete record of attendance and grades for work done. This information should be entered on to each student's class report on a weekly basis using LSEforYou. It is important that this information is entered regularly because the system automatically generates absence letters based on the information available. Please note that students are also able to view their own attendance records and courses grades through the LSEforYou system.

It is the responsibility of both the Department and class teacher (and the Timetables Office) to make every effort to ensure that the number of students attending each class is kept to an appropriate size.

If you are unwell, or unable to make your class for any reason, please inform the Timetables office on 020 7955 6333 as soon as possible. They will post notices on the classroom door to inform the students. Also, please let the Administrative Office know in case there are queries from students. You should reschedule your class through the Timetables Office.

Computer workshops and marking

In addition to the class teaching some GTAs provide assistance with computer workshops or are employed to mark homework. Please contact Imelda Noble for more information.

Equal opportunities statement

The Statistics Department is committed to giving equal opportunities to all its members irrespective of race, religion, sex, age, disability or sexual orientation. In particular the Department supports LSE's race equality policy.