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Index of courses

Undergraduate courses

  • ST102 Elementary Statistical Theory 
  • ST107 Quatitative Methods (Statistics)
  • ST108 Probability and Statistics for the Social Sciences
  • ST201 Statistical Models and Data Analysis
  • ST202 Probability, Distribution Theory and Inference
  • ST203 Statistics for Management Sciences
  • ST205 Sample Surveys and Experiments
  • ST211 Applied Regression
  • ST226 Actuarial Investigations: Financial
  • ST227 Survival Models
  • ST300 Regression and Generalized Linear Models
  • ST301 Actuarial Mathematics (Life)
  • ST302 Stochastic Processes
  • ST303 Stochastic Simulation
  • ST304 Time Series and Forecasting
  • ST306 Actuarial Mathematics (General)
  • ST307 Aspects of Market Research
  • ST308 Bayesian Inference
  • ST312 Applied Statistics Project
  • ST327 Market Research: An Integrated Approach
  • ST330 Stochastic and Actuarial Methods in Finance

Graduate courses

  • ST405 Multivariate Methods
  • ST409 Stochastic Processes
  • ST411 Generalised Linear Modelling and Survival Analysis
  • ST416 Multilevel Modelling
  • ST418 Non-Linear Dynamics and the Analysis of Real Time Series
  • ST421 Developments in Statistical Methods
  • ST422 Time Series
  • ST425 Statistical Inference: Principles, Methods and Computation  
  • ST426 Applied Stochastic Processes
  • ST427 Insurance Mathematics
  • ST429 Probabilistic Methods in Risk Management and Insurance
  • ST433 Computational Methods in Finance and Insurance
  • ST435 Advanced Probability Theory
  • ST436 Financial Statistics
  • ST439 Stochastics for Derivatives Modelling
  • ST440 Recent Developments in Finance and Insurance
  • ST441 Introduction to Markov Processes and their Applications
  • ST442 Longitudinal Data Analysis
  • ST443 Machine Learning and Data Mining *
  • ST444 Statistical Computing
  • ST499 Dissertation

* Note for students: If you are taking MG4E1 Algorithmic Techniques for Data Mining, you cannot also take ST443.