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Research Reports 2003

102 Rafael Schmidt, Tomas Hrycej and Eric Stützle
Multivariate distribution models with generalized hyperbolic margins| (PDF)
December 2003

101 Rafael Schmidt and Ulrich Stadtmüller
Nonparametric estimation of tail dependence| (PDF 1.94MB)
December 2003

97 Anthony C. Atkinson
Some Bayesian Optimum Designs for Response Transformation in Nonlinear Models with Nonconstant Variance| (PDF 181KB)
November 2003

96 Anthony C. Atkinson
Adaptive Biased-Coin Designs for Clinical Trials with Several Treatments| (PDF 305KB)
October 2003

95 Anthony C. Atkinson and Marco Riani
The Forward Search and Data Visualisation| (PDF 1.89 MB)
May 2003

94 Dariusz Ucinski and Anthony C. Atkinson
Experimental design for time-dependent models with correlated observations| (PDF 257 KB)
May 2003

93 Howell Tong and Zhiqiang Zhang
On time-reversability of multivariate linear processes| (PDF 160 KB)
May 2003

92 Panagiotis Avramidis
Selecting regressors in partially linear models: A technical report| (PDF 226KB)
January 2003

91Yingcun Xia, W. K. Li and Howell Tong
Estimating Threshold Variables Using Nonparametric Methods| (PDF 354 KB)
March 2003

90 Yingcun Xia, Wenyang Zhang and Howell Tong
Efficient Estimation for Semivarying-Coefficient Models| (PDF 847 KB)
March 2003