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Research Reports 2000

57 Liang Peng & Qiwei Yao
Nonparametric Regression under Dependent Errors with Infinite Variance|
(PDF 177KB)
November 2000

56 Paola Battipaglia
Robust Estimates of Investments from the Bank of Italy's Business Survey|
(PostScript 1708KB)
April 2000

55 S. Basu & A. Dassios
A Doubly Stochastic Poisson process with Log - Normal Intensity|
(PDF 280KB)
February 2000

54 Zongwu Cai, Qiwei Yao and Wenyang Zhang
Smoothing Estimation for Discrete-Valued Time Series|
(PostScript 462KB)
January 2000

53 Irini Moustaki and Martin Knott
Weighting for Item Non-Response in Attitude Scales using Latent Variable Models with Covariates
January 2000