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Research Reports 1996

34 Piet de Jong and Jeremy Penzer
Diagnosing shocks in time series|
(PDF 239KB)
November 1996

33 Colm O'Muircheartaigh and Irini Moustaki
Inferring information about attitude from nonresponse using a latent trait model
November 1996

32 Piet de Jong
The scan sampler for time series models
November 1996

31 Andreas Kyprianou
Slow variation and uniqueness of solutions to the functional equation in the branching random walk
November 1996

30 Angelos Dassios
Limit results on sample quantiles of Lévy processes
April 1996

29 Andrew Harvey and Mariane Streibel
Test for deterministic versus indeterministic cycles
February 1996

28 David Bartholomew and Tetti Tzamourani
A new approach to testing for goodness-of-fit of latent trait models
February 1996

27 Martin Knott and Cyril Smith
Cycle properties of square matrices|
(PDF 76KB)
January 1996

26 Angelos Dassios
Goodness of fit tests and Brownian bridge quantiles
January 1996