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Research Reports 1995

25 Alan Agresti
A model for repeated measurement of a multivariate binary response
December 1995

24 Siem Jan Koopman
Analytic filtering and smoothing for state space models
November 1995

23 Andrew Harvey
Intervention analysis with control groups
October 1995

22 Angelos Dassios
Sample quantiles of additive renewal award processes
July 1995

21 Maria-Pia Victoria-Feser
Choosing between two parametric models robustly
June 1995

20 Martin Knott and Cyril Smith
A simplifying parametrisation of maximal cyclic monotone relations|
(PDF 98KB)
June 1995

19 Angelos Dassios
Sample quantiles of stochastic processes with stationary and independent increments and of sums of exchangeable random variables
April 1995

18 Irini Moustaki
A latent trait and a latent class model for mixed observed variables
May 1995

17 David Balmer
The distribution clustering process with correlated resources
April 1995

16 David Balmer
A note on the distribution of runs for an exponential moving average process, EMA (1)
March 1995

15 Maria-Pia Victoria-Feser and Elvezio Ronchetti
Are grouped data robustly fitted?
February 1995

14 John Howard
Countable additivity and the foundations of bayesian statistics
January 1995