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Research Reports 1993

11 John Howard
The variability of ingredients in aggregated raw materials
November 1993

10 Andrew Harvey
Long memory in stochastic volatility
November 1993

9 Jane Galbraith and Michael Roaf
Seafaring merchants of Ur revisited
December 1993

8 Anthony Atkinson, C.G.B. Demetrio and S.S. Zocchi
Optimum dose levels when males and females differ in response
October 1993

7 Anthony Atkinson, Siem Jan Koopman and Neil Shephard
Outliers and switches in time series
(September 1993)

6 Robert Crouchley and Angelos Dassios
A between group comparison of survival data in the presence of heterogeneity
(July 1993)

5 Martin Knott and Cyril Smith
On a generalisation of cyclic monotonicity and distances among random vectors (pdf 100kB)
(July 1993)

4 Angelos Dassios
Asymptotic approximations to stochastic models
(July 1993)

3 Martin Knott and M.T. Albanese
Bootstrapping latent variable models for binary response|
(PDF 123KB)
(June 1993)

2 Anthony Atkinson and R.D. Cook
D-Optimum designs for heteroscedastic linear models
(June 1993)

1 John Howard
The 2 x 2 table: A discussion from a Bayesian viewpoint
(May 1993)