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Analysis and Interpretation of Multivariate Data for Social Scientists (Second Edition)

A volume in the Chapman and Hall/CRC Statistics in the Social and Behavioural Sciences series|. A copy of the book may be ordered from CRC Press| (ISBN 13: 978-1584889601).

David J Bartholomew|
Fiona Steele|
Irini Moustaki|
Jane I Galbraith

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Sample chapters:
Chapter 3: Multidimensional scaling| (PDF, 1.1MB)
Chapter 8: Factor analysis for binary data| (PDF, 1.6MB)

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  • Contains three new chapters on regression analysis, confirmatory factor analysis and structural equation models and multilevel models
  • Presents numerous examples of real-world applications, including voting preferences, social attitudes educational test scores and recidivism
  • Covers methods that summarise, describe and explore multivariate data sets
  • Establishes a unified approach to latent variable modelling by providing detailed coverage of the methods, such as item response theory and factor analysis
  • Offers full versions of all the data sets in the text, software for performing latest variable analyses and instructions for implementing the analyses

Graduate students
Advanced undergraduate students
Practitioners of statistics and the social sciences

Journal of Statistical Software, February 2009, Volume 29, Book Review 13|, by Patrick Mair