South Asia at LSE

 Find experts at LSE who focus on South Asia.



Mukulika Banerjee

Associate Professor of Anthropology

Laura Bear

Professor of Anthropology

Katy Gardner

Professor of Anthropology

Chris Fuller

Professor Emeritus of Anthropology

Jonathan Parry

Professor Emeritus of Anthropology

LSE Cities

Muhammad Adeel

Research Officer, LSE Cities

Richard Burdett

Professor of Urban Studies

Julia King

Researcher, LSE Cities

Philipp Rode

Associate Profesorial Research Fellow


Tim Besley

W Arthur Lewis Professor of Development Economics

Gharad Bryan

Lecturer in Economics

Robin Burgess

Professor of Economics

Greg Fischer

Assistant Professor of Economics

Maitreesh Ghatak

Professor of Economics

Nicholas Stern

IG Patel Chair of Economics and Government

John Sutton

Sir John Hicks Professor of Economics 

Economic History

Tirthankar Roy

Professor of Economic History


Daniel Paravisini

Associate Professor of Finance

Gender Studies

Naila Kabeer

Professor of Gender and Development

Sumi Madhok

Associate Professor of Transnational Gender Studies

Geography and Environment

Giles Atkinson

Professor of Environmental Policy

Vernon Henderson

School Professor of Economic Geography

Richard Perkins

Associate Professor of Environmental Geography

Romola Sanyal

Assistant Professor of Urban Geography

Ganga Shreedhar

LSE Fellow in Environmental Economics

Jayaraj Sundaresan

LSE Fellow in Human Geography


Sumantra Bose

Professor of International and Comparative Politics

Patrick Dunleavy

Professor of Political Science and Public Policy

Kira Matus

Professor of Public Policy and Management

Grantham Research Institute

Sheikh Eskander

Research Officer

International Development

Timothy Dyson

Professor of Population Studies

Tim Forsyth

Professor of Environment and Development

Jude Howell

Professor of International Development

Mary Kaldor

Professor of Global Governance

Sohini Kar

Assistant Professor of International Development

Philipa Mladovsky

Assistant Professor of International Development

Sandra Sequeira

Associate Professor of Development Economics

Ken Shadlen

Professor of Development Studies

Mahvish Shami

Assistant Professor of Development Studies

Rajesh Venugopal

Assistant Professor of Managing Humanitarism

Robert Wade

Professor of Political Economy and Development

International Growth Centre

Adnan Khan

Research and Policy Director

International History

Taylor Sherman

Associate Professor of International History

Gagan Sood

Assistant Professor of International History

International Relations

Tarak Barkawi


Martin Bayly

Postdoctoral Fellow


Health Policy

Mrigesh Bhatia


LSE Health and Social Care

Mirgesh Bhatia

Lecturer of Health Policy

Divya Parmar

Research Officer


Sivaramjani Thambisetty

Associate Professor of Law


Harry Barkema

Professor of Management

Saul Estrin

Professor of Management

Shirin Madon

Associate Professor of Information Systems

Leslie Willcocks

Professor of Work, Technology and Globalisation

Media and Communications

Shakuntala Banaji

Associate Professor of Media and Communications

Social Policy

Sunil Kumar

Lecturer in Social Policy and Development

David Lewis

Professor of Social Policy and Development

Psychology and Behavioral Science

Catherine Campbell

Professor of Social Psychology


Chetan Bhatt

Professor of Sociology

Don Slater

Associate Professor of Sociology

LSE Women, Peace & Security

Punam Yadav

Teaching Fellow

Marsha Henry

Associate Professor of Gender Studies