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Research students

Please see below for a list of current research students.  The information is supplied by the students themselves and may not be up-to-date or complete in all cases.

Scroll down or click on link above for a list of the people who completed their theses and were awarded their doctorates from 2011.  Most of their theses, and some from previous years, are available to read online from LSE Theses Online (Sociology).

If you are considering applying to LSE to join the Sociology PhD programme and have further questions, you may email any of the people listed here.  See our Study pages for more information about studying in the Department, or for information on being a research student at LSE see Research Degrees Unit.


Azar, Riad
Research t
opic: Villa El Salvador: Centralizing the Politics of Peripheral Urbanism
Supervisor: Dr Michael McQuarrie
Description: My research focuses on organizations of informal governance in Lima, Peru. I am interested in deploying traditional conceptions of state power to understand how organizations that are outside of the formal apparatus of the state govern, constitute authority, and gain legitimacy.
Research interests: Political Sociology, Urban Sociology, Ethnography, Organizations, Social Theory, Political Economy
Personal information: Riad holds a BA in Political Science from William Paterson University in New Jersey and an MSc in Political Sociology from the LSE. Aside from academics, he has spent many years as a labor and student organizer, as well as a housing and indigenous rights activist.
Webpage: http://lse.academia.edu/RiadAzar

Beecham, Nell
Supervisor: Prof Mike Savage
Research interests: culture; technology; space; valuation; emotions; inequality
Personal information: Nell Beecham is an ESRC doctoral student whose research spans the areas of culture, technology and emotions. Supervised by Prof Mike Savage, her PhD research explores the role of technology and space in the formation of social relationships, and addresses issues of inequality formation and reproduction, valuation and socio-spacial dynamics. You can follow Nell on twitter at @nellbeecham.
Contact: e.beecham@lse.ac.uk

Bernasconi, Oriana

Title/topic: A study of individualisation and culture:  true narrative interviews with three generations of Chilean families
Supervisor: Dr Don Slater
Contact: o.bernasconi@lse.ac.uk

Bezirgan-2014Bezirgan, Bengi
Research topic: The Armenian Issue in Turkey: A Study of Nationalism(s) and Media Representations
Supervisor: Prof Mike Savage
Description: My research aims to address the ways in which a thorny issue of Armenians in Turkey becomes a site of contestation and negotiation for nationalism(s). By employing critical discourse analysis of the Turkish national newspapers and semi-structured interviews with Armenians this qualitative study points out the discursive formation of nationalism(s) in the media along with the perceptions and experiences of Armenians as an ethnic-religious minority group in Turkey.  
Research interests: nationalism and national identity, race and ethnicity, qualitative methodology, sociology of media, hate speech and hate crime, sociology of memory.
Personal information: Bengi Bezirgan obtained a B.S degree in Sociology from Middle East Technical University and completed European Studies minor program in the Department of International Relations in 2007. She holds a M.S degree in Sociology from Middle East Technical University. She is currently a PhD candidate in her fourth year.
Contact: b.bezirgan@lse.ac.uk; bengibezirgan@gmail.com

Brookes, Nicholas
Title/topic: A Bear in the Bull market: an investigation into criminal corporate/state actors in Post-Soviet Russia and the methodology used by them to subvert the international financial system
Contact: n.m.brookes@lse.ac.uk

Burrett, Robin
Title/topic: “Learning to learn for a lifetime of change”: Pedagogy, Governance and Citizenship Formation in Secondary Education
Supervisor: Dr Suki Ali
Contact: r.burrett@lse.ac.uk  


Concha,Paz-2016 Paz
Research topic: The Curation of the Street Food Scene in London
Supervisors: Dr Don Slater and Prof Mike Savage
Description: My research focusses on street food markets in London, looking ethnographically at the work of market organisers and food traders and how they create markets and marketplaces. The aim is to understand the curation of street food markets, taking into consideration creative processes and trading practices in which goods are qualified to generate markets and negotiate and transform place. I expect to contribute to a deeper understanding of the relationship between cultural economies, place making and urban regeneration.
Research interests: cultural sociology, urban sociology, material culture studies, cultural economies, media and technology. 
Personal information: Paz, (BSc in Anthropology, Universidad de Chile; MSc in Culture and Society, LSE), has five years of experience in ICT for Development project, working for the Chilean government and in freelance consultancy. She’s been interested in digital communication practices and urban spaces; through her PhD research she expects to get a deeper understanding of the relationship between cultural production and place making.
Contact: P.M.Concha@lse.ac.uk; pazconcha@gmail.com

Cruz, Victor Manuel
Title/topic: 'Metaphysics in the Dark': UK electronic dance music after the 'digital revolution'
Supervisors: Dr Don Slater and Prof Paul Gilroy (KCL)
Contact: V.M.Cruz@lse.ac.uk

Cullen, Michelle
Research topic: Cities on the Path to ‘Smart’: IT Provider Interactions with Urban Governance
Supervisors: DrDon Slater and Prof Fran Tonkiss  
ICT are increasingly being infused into city systems and services as part of a growing trend to make cities ‘smart’. Through the design and implementation of these efforts, IT providers interact with local government policy and planning processes. As the smart city market grows, large tech providers clamor to spread their wares, leaving an indelible mark on a growing number of cities around the world. My investigation explores this mark.  
Research interests:
urban development, smart technologies, governance, city brand. Personal information: Michelle works for IBM on its Smarter Cities initiative. Before IBM, Michelle spent a decade as an international development practitioner working for the World Bank, The Carter Center, and on projects for the U.S. Agency for International Development and the World Health Organization in conflict-affected countries around the world. 
Contact: M.L.Cullen@lse.ac.uk
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michelle-cullen-0701261


Dawes, Antonia Lucia
Title/topic: Naples in the Age of the Spider: Talk and Everyday Negotiations of Difference
Supervisors: Dr Suki Ali and Prof Paul Gilroy (KCL) 
Contact: a.l.dawes@lse.ac.uk 

De Coss-Corzo, Julio AlejandroAlejandro DeCoss-Corzo
Research topic: The production of urban water: the political economy and ontology of infrastructure in Mexico City's water supply system
Prof Mike Savage and Dr Austin Zeiderman
Alejandro's research explores how engineers, bureaucrats, artists and social movements produce water infrastructures in Mexico City, focusing on the often contentious practices and conceptions of what water is, who is it for, and how it should be managed, and what this implies for social and spatial inequality in the contemporary city.
Research interests: urban sociology; science and technology studies; critical political economy and ecology; sociology of expertise.
Personal information: Alejandro holds a BA in International Relations from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and a MSc in Sociology (Contemporary Social Thought) from the LSE. Apart from his PhD, Alejandro is an avid writer, publishing in diverse magazines in Mexico and Chile.
Contact details: J.De-Coss-Corzo@lse.ac.uk

Denaro, Elena 
Research topic: Sharing Economy
Supervisor: Prof Nigel Dodd
Description: A critical exploration of the ‘sharing economy’ movement: is it a sustainable alternative system or capitalism entering new markets?
Research interests: economic sociology, system change, alternative economic movements, social movements, gift economy, collaboration, commons.
Personal information: Originally from Italy, I came to the UK for my undergraduate (B.A in Human Sciences from Oxford), followed by an MSc in Environmental Technology (i.e. sustainable development) from Imperial College London, and am now in my 1st year of the PhD in Sociology.
Contact: e.denaro@lse.ac.uk  


El-Khairy, Omar
Title/topic: 'Freedom is a lifestyle choice' : U.S. cultural diplomacy and African-American popular culture in times of war
Contact: o.a.el-khairy@lse.ac.uk

Ergun, Mutlu
Title/topic: Deconstructing Race - Empowering Subjectivities: A Sociopsychological Framework of Racialisation (in view of Anti-Islamic Racism), Racial Awareness Training and Empowerment in Germany
Contact: m.ergun@lse.ac.uk


Filipe, Angela Marques
Title/topic: Beyond clinical reasoning: Practices of disambiguation in child mental disorders
Contact: A.M.Filipe@lse.ac.uk

Finlay, Susanna
Title/topic: Engineering biology or biologising engineering? Epistemic cultural dynamics in the emergence of synthetic biology
Contact: s.c.finlay@lse.ac.uk

Fuentes, Kristina
Title/topic:  Social movement framing and the 'American Dream': A case study of the U.S. labour movement
Supervisor: Dr Robin Archer
Contact: k.i.fuentes@lse.ac.uk


Georgas, Evangelos
Title/topic: Understanding Radicalization: Party Articulation and Popular Receptions of the Crisis in Greece Since 2010  
Contact: e.georgas@lse.ac.uk

Gokmenoglu, Birgan
Research topic: Social movement and political party relationships in Turkey
Supervisors: Prof Robin Archer (supervisor) and Prof Michael McQuarrie (advisor)
Description: My research focuses on the interactions between social movements and political parties in Turkey. Using ethnography and complementary social network analysis, I aim to explore if and how movements and political parties are overlapping and mutually dependent actors in shaping politics.
Research interests: Social and political change, social movements, political sociology, cultural sociology, ethnography
Personal information: I received my BA in Social and Political Sciences from Sabanci University in Istanbul/Turkey before obtaining an MA in Sociology from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles/USA. I am currently a first year PhD student.
Contact: b.gokmenoglu@lse.ac.uk


Hamilton, R. Alexander
Title/topic:  Governing through risk: Synthetic biology and the risk management process
Contact: r.a.hamilton@lse.ac.uk

Hanspal, Vrajesh
Title/topic: Markets and mediators: Entrepreneurs and product markets
Supervisor: Dr Don Slater
Contact: v.hanspal@lse.ac.uk

Hecht, Katharina
Research topic: Economic inequality. Social comparisons and perceptions of top incomes and wealth
Supervisors: Prof Mike Savage and Dr Sam Friedman
Katharina is a third year doctoral candidate in the Department of Sociology and a student at the Thomas Piketty Masterclass. Her PhD thesis focuses on top incomes and wealth in the UK and how they are perceived by individuals situated at the top end of the income distribution. Katharina is interested in research methods and social science research on inequalities, in particular the intersections of economic inequality and inequalities of class, gender and ethnicity.
Research interests: Economic sociology, top incomes, income and wealth inequality, social stratification
Personal information: Katharina holds degrees in Social Policy and Sociology (BSc) from the LSE, in Research (MRes in Sociology) from Goldsmiths, University of London and in Business Administration (BA) from Fachhochschule Vorarlberg, Austria. Previously, Katharina has worked as a research assistant at LSE Health and Social Care and as an auditor at KPMG, London. At LSE, she taught SO102 Statistics in Society and MY451/MY551 Introduction to Quantitative Analysis. 
Contact: k.hecht@lse.ac.uk @katharina_hecht

Hussain, Ajmal
Title/topic: An ethnographic study of new Muslim identity formation in inner-city Birmingham, UK
Contact: A.Hussain1@lse.ac.uk


James, Daniel
Research topic: Sobre héroes y tumbas: the Parque de la Memoria as a Sacred Landscape
Supervisor: Prof Chetan Bhatt
Description: My research looks at the representation of the disappeared in Argentine collective memory, with particular emphasis on how they are represented in the Park of Memory in Buenos Aires.
Research interests: Transitional justice, collective memory, cultural landscapes of memory, the disappeared.
Personal information: I hold a degree in Geography from the University of Nottingham and a Masters in International Relations from the University of Bristol, where I graduated top of my class and with Distinction. I am the recipient of an ESRC scholarship award.
Contact: d.james@lse.ac.uk @dmjlsephd  
Javed, Umair 
Research topic: Profit, Power, and Governance: Bazaar Traders and the State in Pakistan
Supervisor: Dr Michael McQuarrie
Description: My research explores regimes of governance that emerge through the interaction between the state and the intermediate classes in urban Pakistan.
Research interests: State-Society Relations; Democratization and Urban politics in the Global South.
Personal information: Contribute political commentary to a number of publications in Pakistan and India, such as The Friday Times, Herald, and Economic and Political Weekly. Currently a columnist and feature writer for Pakistan's largest English language newspaper, DAWN.
Contact: u.javed1@lse.ac.uk  

Javidan, Pantea
Title/topic: Multiplicitous analysis of American legal discourse regarding child sex trafficking.
Supervisors: Dr Suki Ali and Dr Hakan Seckinelgin


Kim, Dhohoon
Title/topic: Network, representation, and discourse on stem cell research: UK and South Korea
Supervisor: Dr Martin Bauer
Contact: leo.kim.praxis@gmail.com

Kolbe, Kristina
Research topic: Between Diversity and Elitism – Researching the sociocultural implications of contemporary cultural production: an ethnographic study of intercultural approaches within Berlin’s highbrow music sector
Supervisor: Prof Mike Savage
Description: My research explores the consequences of an intercultural perspective for the aesthetical and organisational nature of contemporary music production in European urban centres, examining whether it is associated with socio-cultural diversity, or the reproduction of elite-formations. Reflecting postcolonial discourses of representation and debates around the emerging cultural capital concept, I assess the implications of an intercultural approach on forms of urban identity construction, patterns of cultural representation and social distinctions.
Research interests: Culture and society, post-colonialism, intersectionality of inequalities, urban studies, musicology
Personal information: Kristina is a Leverhulme Award doctoral student in affiliation with the International Inequalities Institute. She holds a MSc from the LSE in ‘Culture and Society’ and a BA in ‘Musicology/Social Sciences’ from the Humboldt University Berlin and King’s College London. During her studies she was funded by the German National Merit Foundation.
Contact: k.j.kolbe@lse.ac.uk

Kohonen, Matti
Title/Topic: The Social Value of Social Enterprise: An ethnographic study of the value creation of two social enterprises in Ghana
Supervisors: Dr Don Slater and Prof Nigel Dodd

Kramer, Maria
Research topic:
Making ‘Healthy’ Families - Consanguineous Marriage and Genetic Risk in Contemporary Turkey
Dr Carrie Friese and Dr Suki Ali
My research explores the impact of reproductive genetic services on the making of ‘healthy’ families in Turkey by exploring the relation between consanguineous marriage and genetic risk. It seeks to understand the processes through which consanguineous couples have become conceptualised as a genetic risk group requiring genetic services for ‘healthy’ reproduction and asks how this medicalisation of consanguineous marriage links up with family and population politics in contemporary Turkey.
Research interests:
Sociology of health and illness, science and technology studies, reproduction, family and kinship, critical disability studies.
Personal Information:
Maria Kramer is currently a first year PhD student. She holds a BA in Social Anthropology and Islamic Studies from Martin Luther University of Halle, Germany, and an MA in Sociology from Koç University, Istanbul. Her research is funded by a LSE PhD Studentship.

Krause, Juljan
Title/Topic: Fuzzy boundaries: Whitehead & social thought
Supervisors: Dr Carrie Friese and Dr Michael Halewood


Lewin 2014Lewin, Sian
Research topic: Inside Regulated Organisations: How Banks Respond To Regulatory Change
Supervisors: Prof Julia Black and Prof Bridget Hutter
Description: This project explores how regulated organisations experience regulation in a period of considerable regulatory change. It examines organisational responses to change through the lens of neo-institutionalist organisational theory and sociological work on risk and organisations. The thesis considers the material practices of regulatory work and the construction of regulatory identities for the purpose of rebuilding or maintaining legitimacy in the eye of the regulator. It uses a case study of UK banks and prudential regulatory reform in the context of the post-financial crisis environment.
Research interests: Sociology of risk and regulation, Social Studies of Finance, Economic Sociology, Organisational Theory
Contact: s.h.lewin@lse.ac.uk @SianLewin

Li, Gordon
Research topic: Music Taste as Cultural Capital in China
Supervisors: Prof Mike Savage and Dr Sam Friedman
Description: This research studies differences in taste between social groups in urban China through the lens of music—from “highbrow” to popular—to understand the extent of social distinction, formation of cultural capital, and the implications of Bourdieu in China. Research interests: Sociology of culture, Chinese society, economic sociology, research methods
Personal information: Gordon holds degrees from the department of economics (UCSD BS), engineering (UCSD BS, Stanford MS), and anthropology (LSE MSc). Before returning to academia, he had a career in consumer research and business strategy in multinational corporations, as well as experience with NGOs in China.
Contact: g.c.li@lse.ac.uk

Littlejohn, Naomi Maya
Topic: Post-16 educational engagement and achievement in inner-city London
Supervisor: Dr Suki Ali
Contact:  n.m.littlejohn@lse.ac.uk

Loeschner, Isabell 
Research topic: Understanding digital connectivity – reconceptualising work
Supervisor: Prof Judy Wajcman
Description: Today’s world and our lived experiences are increasingly permeated by digital connectivity, facilitated by technologies such as the internet, social media and smartphones. We connect to family, friends and work from anywhere, anytime. My research investigates the phenomenon of connectivity and its consequences at work in a case study of a large multinational organization.
Research interests: Sociology of Work, Organization Studies, Gender, Information Systems, Science and Technology Studies, Media & Communication Studies
Personal information: I am a German born PhD student with a Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) from Lancaster University and a Master of Research in Digital Innovation also from Lancaster University. I have lived, studied and worked in Germany, the US, Spain and the UK.
Contact: I.C.Loeschner@lse.ac.uk  
Blog: https://survivinghighereducation.wordpress.com/

Lorenzo, Maria Beatriz
Title/topic: The Real Crisis: A sociological in-depth network perspective of the decision to buy property in Sapin 2000-2010.
Supervisor: Prof Nigel Dodd
Contact: m.b.lorenzo@lse.ac.uk


Macartney, John
Title/topic: Healing Ourselves: Subjectivation in Cancer Complementary Self-Help
Contact: j.i.macartney@lse.ac.uk

Victoria Mallett
Research topic: Informal Nominating Networks in American Local Elections
Supervisor: Dr Michael McQuarrie
Description: Tory is researching the logics of coalescence and coordination by high policy demanding individuals in local American elections during invisible primaries.
Research interests: Political Sociology, Elections, Parties, United States, Networks
Personal information: Tory received her B.A. in Political Science and French Language from Guilford College in North Carolina. She then worked for several years in political campaigns throughout the United States before attending LSE for her MSc in Political Sociology. She is now a PhD student in her first year.
Contact: v.f.mallett@lse.ac.uk

Massalha, Manal
Title: In Suspension: the denial of the right to the city for Palestinians in Israel and its effects on their socio-economic, cultural and political formation - the case of Umm El-Fahem
Supervisor: Prof Paul Gilroy (KCL)
Research interests: urban, political and visual sociology, social and political movements, cultural studies, (post)colonialism and multiculturalism.
Contact: m.massalha@lse.ac.uk

Matczak-2014Matczak, Anna
Research topic: Understandings of punishment and justice in the narratives of lay Polish people
Supervisors: Prof Bridget Hutter and Dr Janet Foster
Description: This thesis is about exploring how people, from a post-socialist, post-transformation country view punishment and justice. In light of these understandings this thesis also aims to explore how lay responses of people, with and without experiences of the Polish criminal justice system, shed light on the preconditions for restorative justice practices which were implemented in Poland in the 1990s.
Research interests: sociology of punishment, restorative justice, criminal justice policies in Central and Eastern Europe, and court interpreting
Personal information: Anna's previous research engaged with domestic violence and family interventions. Alongside her doctoral studies she has worked as a qualified court and police interpreter in England and Wales. She tweets @MatczakAnia, runs a blog Lost in Translation: Interpreting the Criminal World http://www.annamatczak.com, and her academic profile is available at www.lse.academia.edu/AnnaMatczak.
Contact: a.matczak@lse.ac.uk

McArthur, Daniel
Research topic: The relationship between economic inequality and stigmatising beliefs about people in poverty in UK and cross-national public opinion.
Supervisors: Prof Mike Savage and Dr Ursula Henz
Does increasing economic inequality affect the way the worst off in a society are perceived? What is the relationship between an individual’s economic position or social class and the way they see perceive people in poverty? My research uses data from British and European public opinion surveys to understand these issues, and the way they interact with neighbourhood context, concerns about immigration, and welfare state structure.
Research interests: Economic inequality, social stratification, cultural class analysis, quantitative methods in sociology, political economy, political sociology, immigration and multiculturalism. 
Personal information: Dan is an ESRC funded first year PhD student, and a member of the Leverhulme Trust Programme in the LSE International Inequalities Institute. He holds an MSc in Sociology from LSE, and a BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from the University of Oxford. 
Contact: d.mcarthur@lse.ac.uk

Mena, Olivia
Title/topic: Global Border Walls
Supervisor: Prof Paul Gilroy (KCL)
Contact: O.Mena@lse.ac.uk  

Message, Reuben 
Research topic: Fish culture: the origins and development of a modern reproductive technology
Supervisors: Dr Carrie Friese and Prof Charis Thompson
Description: The origins of contemporary forms of intensive husbandry of aquatic organisms lie in the nineteenth century. My research explores the social, material and economic circumstances of their emergence and development. Studying “fish culture” as an innovative reproductive technology, I explore how it was constructed in relation to specific social worlds and material practices, including a focus on the infrastructures and institutions necessary to establish a market in living farmed fish.
Research interests: Science, technology and society; reproductive technologies; animal husbandry; aquaculture; economic sociology; market performativity; environment and society.
Personal information: I am a third year PhD student with previous degrees from the LSE and the University of York. I am originally from South Africa.
Contact: R.Message@lse.ac.uk @ReubenMessage   

Monson, Tamlyn
Title/topic: Collective violence and informal settlement in South Africa
Supervisor: Prof Chetan Bhatt
Contact: t.j.monson@lse.ac.uk  

Munawar, Nabila
Title/topic: The Everyday Lives of Muslim Youth In Canada
Supervisors: Dr Suki Ali and Dr Claire Alexander
Contact: n.munawar@lse.ac.uk  

Muniz, Bruno
Title/topic: Affect, Embodiment and Space: Funk Cultural Repertoires in Rio de Janeiro
Supervisors: Dr Juan Pablo Pardo-Guerra and Prof Mike Savage
Contact: b.barboza-muniz@lse.ac.uk  


Ozoliņa-Fitzgerald, Liene:  PhD COMPLETED 2015
Research topic: The Ethics of the Willing: An Ethnography of Post-Soviet Neo-Liberalism

Supervisor: Dr Manali Desai (Cambridge)
Description: My PhD is an ethnographic exploration of neo-liberal political subjectivity formation in post-Soviet Latvia. Locating this investigation in an unemployment office in Riga, I study individuals’ engagement with notions of ‘work on self’ and individual responsibility as propelled by geo-politically and historically formed anxieties.
Research interests: social theory, political sociology, anthropology of the state, political subjectivity theories, ordinary ethics.
Contact: L.Ozolina@lse.ac.uk  


Pedersen-2014Pedersen, Linda Lund
Research topic: Whose Rights, Whose Space? The Danish Alien Act and Family Migration: a case study of the status of Danish citizenship
Supervisors: Dr Ayça Çubukçu and Prof Charis Thompson
Description: Her dissertation focuses on the question: How do (anti-)immigration politics and policies represent a reconceptualization of contemporary citizenship in Denmark? This study includes an analysis of Danish citizenship through family (re-)unification policies in the cases of transnational spousal/partners, transnational adoptees and transnational children born through surrogacy.
Research interests: Critical Race/Ethnic Studies, Feminist Theories, Family Migration, Sociology of Citizenship, Postcolonial and Decolonial Theories, Political Sociology and Human Rights.
Personal information: Linda Lund Pedersen is a PhD candidate in Sociology and the Centre for the Study of Human Rights. She holds a MA in Philosophy from the University of Copenhagen. She has a strong commitment to transdisciplinary and transnational feminist research and teaching. Linda Lund Pedersen has been actively involved in several European gender research networks, including ATHENA: Advanced Thematic Network in European Gender Studies (funded by the European Commission), ATgender and VEIL (funded by EU’s sixth framework programme) & Nordic research networks engaging in post-colonialism in the Nordic region.
Contact: l.l.pedersen@lse.ac.uk  
Webpage: https://lse.academia.edu/LindaLundPedersen

Pertwee, Ed
Research topic: Anti-Jihad, anti-Sharia and anti-halal movements in Europe and North America
Supervisor: Prof Chetan Bhatt
Description: My research explores the dynamics of race, religion and multiculturalism in contemporary Euro-America through an empirical study of emergent anti-Jihad, anti-Sharia and anti-halal movements.
Research interests: Race / ethnicity, whiteness studies, religion, political sociology, postcolonial / decolonial theory, philosophy of social science.
Personal information: I am an ESRC-funded PhD student in the Department of Sociology and Centre for the Study of Human Rights at LSE, where I also teach on SO203 Political Sociology. I hold a BA in History and Philosophy (York), MPhil in Economic and Social History (Cambridge), and an MA in Culture, Diaspora and Ethnicity (Birkbeck). Prior to joining LSE I worked as a civil servant.
Contact: e.j.pertwee@lse.ac.uk  
Webpage: http://lse.academia.edu/EdPertwee  

Proia, Barbara
Title/topic: Imagined Consequences: an insider's view of Italy's 2001 corporate law
Contact: b.proia@lse.ac.uk

Prug, Toni
Title/topic: Hacking ideologies: free software, political subjects and fictitious structures of reality
Supervisor: Dr Don Slater
Contact: t.prug@lse.ac.uk


Quinlan, Tara Lai
Title: ‘A comparative perspective on the development of post-9/11 community engagement and countering violent extremism (CVE) programs in the United Kingdom and United States’.
Supervisors: Prof Mike Savage and Dr Michael Shiner (Department of Social Policy)
Description: This comparative study examines the development and evolution of post-9/11 community engagement and countering violent extremism (CVE) programs in the United Kingdom and United States. Using mixed research methods, this study draws on documentary analysis, discourse analysis, and semi-structured elite interviews with current and former policymakers and members of local and national law enforcement agencies to examine rationales, successes, failures, and best practices for program implementation and sustainability.
Contact: T.L.Quinlan@lse.ac.uk  


Robinson-2014Robinson, Katherine 
Thesis title: An everyday public? Placing the public library in London and Berlin.
Supervisors: Prof Fran Tonkiss and Dr Suzanne Hall
Description: Based on extensive ethnographic fieldwork in Thornton Heath, Croydon, London, and Wedding, Berlin, my thesis explores the connections public libraries have with their localities, asking what kind of public space and public life is made possible within the public library.
Key words: public space; ethnography; public libraries; organisational practices; multiculturalism; urban sociology.
Personal information: At LSE sociology I have taught classes on research methods (SO221) and the introduction to contemporary social issues (SO110). I co-convene the London branch of the NYLON network, a international post-graduate seminar group which meets at LSE. I am currently working in the sociology department at Goldsmiths, where I am researching practices around values in conservation organisations as part of an ESRC funded project: http://www.gold.ac.uk/sociology/staff/researchers/robinsonkatherine/  
Contact: k.a.robinson@lse.ac.uk  

Rode, Philipp
Research topic: The Return of the Integrated Ideal: Compact city strategies and the case of integrating urban planning, design and transport in London and Berlin
Supervisors: Prof Fran Tonkiss and Prof Anne Power (PhD Cities)
Description: This thesis examines how urban policy makers, professionals and stakeholders have worked across disciplinary silos, geographic scales and different time horizons to facilitate more compact urban development. Focusing on detailed case studies of London and Berlin, the research explores recent urban practice and inquires about the degree to which institutional reform, new approaches to urban governance and the re-scaling of planning functions were able to advance planning and policy integration.
Research interests: Urban governance and planning; institutionalism; urban transport, mobility and accessibility, sustainable urbanisation
Contact: p.rode@lse.ac.uk  

Rota, Andrea
Title/topic: Reassembling the Internets: an ethnographic approach - lay users, liquid technology and the making of meaning
Supervisors: Dr Don Slater and Dr Edgar Whitley (Information Systems and Innovation Group, Department of Management)
Contact: a.rota@lse.ac.uk


Seymour, Richard
Research topic: White-Supremacy and Red-Hunting in the Cold War US South
Supervisors: Prof Paul Gilroy (KCL) and Prof Chetan Bhatt
Description: A Gramscian analysis of the uses of anticommunism in defending segregation and impeding the civil rights movement, 1945-65.
Research interests: Sociology of race, class, the state, social movements, imperialism, psychoanalysis
Personal information: Author and broadcaster, online editor of Salvage: www.salvage.zone
Contact: r.w.seymour@lse.ac.uk

Simanyi, Lena
Title/topic: Moralities of consumption in post-socialist Hungary
Supervisor: Dr Don Slater
Contact: l.simanyi@lse.ac.uk

Sloane-2014Sloane, Mona 
Research topic: ‘Producing Space’ – Explorations into the Aesthetic Economy of Spatial Design
Supervisors: Dr Don Slater and Prof Fran Tonkiss (Advisor)
Description: This PhD project contributes to the social science scholarship on professional spatial design practices and the aesthetic economy. It is an ethnographic account of the ordinary but diverse design practices in a London-based spatial design office and explores how designers conceptually and materially ‘produce space’ in a commercial environment and how they operationalise aesthetics and material knowledges in this context.
Research interests: Design sociology, material culture, aesthetics, cultural economy, space
Personal information: Mona Sloane is LSE PhD scholarship holder and works and publishes on the sociology of design, material culture, aesthetics and cultural economy. She also is co-founder of the LSE-based research programme Configuring Light/Staging the Social (www.configuringlight.org) which explores the role of light and lighting in everyday life and urban design. 
Contact: m.sloane@lse.ac.uk

Sveinsson, Kjartan 
Title/topic: Trajectories and Experiences of Migration amongst West African Doctors in the UK
Supervisor: Dr Suki Ali
Contact: k.p.sveinsson@lse.ac.uk


Thornbury, Paul
Title/topic: The social construction of boundaries in in the private military/security industry
Supervisor: Dr Janet Foster
Contact: p.c.thornbury@lse.ac.uk  

Timms, Jill

Title/topic: The role of corporate social responsibility discourse in campaigns for workers' rights: Three transnational case studies
Supervisors: Prof Leslie Sklair and Prof Fran Tonkiss
Contact: j.l.timms@lse.ac.uk

Tocchetti, Sara
Title/Topic: How DNA became hackable and biology personal? Tracing self-fashioning of the DIYbio network
Supervisors: Prof Sarah Franklin and Dr Don Slater
Contact: s.tocchetti@lse.ac.uk  

Traill, Helen
Topic: Community organisations and new communications media
Supervisor: Dr Don Slater
Description: Exploring issues of community and the local politics in relation to the development of digital communications media, particularly looking at the pressures and opportunities these offer. Asking questions about how this affects the underlying ideas of community and public-ness.
Research interests: community; participation; public spaces; digital sociology; new communications media.
Personal information: Working in communications at a mental health charity shaped the development of my sociological imagination, particularly in terms of the overriding ambiguity to digital communication. My research also builds on previous sociological interest in digital life and public space in my masters in Socio-Cultural Studies at Edinburgh University and my undergraduate degree from Durham University in Politics and Sociology. I also spent a very interesting stint working for an independent bookshop during the run up to the Scottish Independence referendum.
Contact: h.c.traill@lse.ac.uk @TraillHelen  


Upton-Hansen, Christopher
Research topic: 'Hostile Worlds’? Thinking Art Through its Market in an Era of Financialization
Supervisor: Prof Mike Savage
Description: Christopher’s research uses the emerging ‘Art & Finance’ industry as a way of investigating changing conceptions of art in terms of function, circulation and exchange. In particular, he confronts existing aesthetic and theoretical definitions of art with art’s shifting social life. This includes re-assessing the critical potential and meaning of originality in art from a sociological standpoint. Christopher’s thesis evidences his particular interest in how value is articulated in the market discourses around art, as well as in the quantitative methods developed to ascertain such value. 
Research interests: History and Theory of Art; Aesthetic Theory; Consumption Studies; Economic Sociology; Sociologies of Valuation & Quantification; Sociology of Art; Historical Sociology; Market Research
Personal Information: Christopher is a third year PhD candidate in the LSE Department of Sociology, where he holds an ESRC scholarship. Christopher formerly completed a BA (Hons) in History of Art from the University of Cambridge and an MA in British Modernism from the Courtauld Institute of Art. He also holds an MSc in Management from the LSE with a CEMS Masters in Management from the National University of Singapore. His research combines his interests in the history and theory of art with his interests in markets, organizations & organizational practices.
Contact: c.upton-hansen@lse.ac.uk


vanderGraaf-2014Judy van der Graaf (Year 4)
Research topic: Risk Regulation Beyond the State
Supervisor: Prof Bridget Hutter
Description: This doctoral research analyses the role of non-state actors in the regulation of transnational risk. Through a case study of the credit rating industry the research examines how private firms may be involved in the setting of standards in relation to risk, the gathering of information about risk, and the modification of behaviour. The data for this research has come from a documentary survey and interviews with credit rating industry experts. For more information about this research see: http://blogs.lse.ac.uk/researchingsociology/2013/12/20/risk-regulation-at-transnational-level-understanding-the-role-of-non-state-actors/  
Contact: j.s.van-der-graaf@lse.ac.uk  

Veilahti, Antti
Title/topic: Economic expertise and banking policy
Supervisor:  Prof Bridget Hutter and Prof Nigel Dodd
Contact: a.v.veilahti@lse.ac.uk

Von Burg, Krysia
Title/topic: Homophobic violence in Britain


Wadham, Monia
Title/topic: Civic renewal through community cohesion in Britain (1997 - 2000)

Ed Wall
Research topic: Making public space in London
Supervisors: Prof Fran Tonkiss and Dr Suzanne Hall
Research interests: public space; urban design; development in London
Personal information: Ed is  Academic Leader Landscape at the University of Greenwich and a Visiting Professor at the Politecnico di Milano. His design and research work focuses on cities, landscape and public space. He studied landscape architecture in Manchester (MMU) and urban design at City College New York (CUNY).
Contact: e.d.wall@lse.ac.uk

Wang, Yan
Research topic: Social Rights and State Legitimacy: Individual Perceptions and Practices in reaction to Structural Changes 
Supervisors: Dr Michael McQuarrie and Prof Craig Calhoun
Description: This project tries to unfold the trends of individuals’ perception changes on social rights in reaction to structural changes, the influence on their participation choice, as well as the details in people’s everyday and collective resistance regarding these changes in order to protect their own rights. It also explores how would these bottom-up reactions pose challenges on the legitimacy of an authoritarian regime like China.
Research interests: Political Sociology, Quantitative Methods, State-Society Relations
Personal information: Yan is LSE PhD scholarship holder and formerly completed a BA in Sociology and an MA in public policy from Tsinghua University.
Contact: Y.Wang149@lse.ac.uk

Weisz-Rind, Yael
Title/topic:  Between the Nation and the Conscience: Dissident Soldiers in Israel
Supervisors:  Dr Robin Archer and Dr Claire Moon


Yan, Ka Ho Jason
Title/topic: Social sufferings and cultural class analysis in Hong Kong
Supervisors: Prof Mike Savage and Dr Sam Friedman
Contact: yankh@lse.ac.uk  


Completed PhDs 2011-15

Listed in date order (most recent at top)

Ozolina, Liene The Ethics of the Willing: An Ethnography of Post-Soviet Neoliberalism.

Schroeder, Torsten (PhD Cities) Translating the concept of sustainability into architectural design practices: London’s City Hall as an exemplar.


Dean, Corinna (2014, PhD Cities) Establishing the Tate Modern Cultural Quarter: social and cultural regeneration through art and architecture.

Dunlap, Richard Stockton (2014, PhD Cities) Reassessing Ronchamp: the historical context, architectural discourse and design development of Le Corbusier's Chapel Notre Dame-du-Haut.

Arriagada, Arturo (2014) Cultural mediators and the everyday making of ‘digital capital’ in contemporary Chile.

Manning, Peter (2014) Justice, reconciliation and memorial politics in Cambodia.


Lingayah, Sanjiv (2013) Between the lines: contours of nation, multiculture and race equality in policy discourse in the New Labour period.

Kaasa, Adam (2013, PhD Cities) Writing, Drawing, Building: The Architecture of Mexico City, 1938-1964.

Gassner, Gunter (2013, PhD Cities) Unfinished and unfinishable: London’s skylines 

Beitler, Daiana (2013) An ethnography of the one laptop per child (OLPC) programme in Uruguay.

Novis, Roberta (2013) Hard Times: Exploring the Complex Structures and Activities of Brazilian Prison Gangs. 

Lee, Kee  (2013) Practicing globalization: mediation of the creative in South Korean advertising.

Rashid, Naaz (2013) Veiled threats: producing the Muslim woman in public and policy discourse in the UK.

Donnellan, Caroline (2013, PhD Cities) Establishing Tate Modern: vision and patronage.

Hawkins, Gwyneth Mae (2013) Language and the social: investigations towards a new sociology of language.

Torre, Andreea Raluca (2013) Migrant lives. A comparative study of work, family and belonging among low-wage Romanian migrant workers in Rome and London.


Dinardi, Maria Cecilia (2012) Unsettling the culture panacea: the politics of cultural planning, national heritage and urban regeneration in Buenos Aires.

Abdullah, Hannah (2012) New German painting: painting, nostalgia & cultural identity in post-unification Germany.

Trevino-Rangel, Javier (2012) Policing the past: transitional justice and the special prosecutor’s office in Mexico, 2000-2006.

Burrell, Jennifer (2012) Producing the internet and development: an ethnography of internet café use in Accra, Ghana.

Fitzgerald, Des (2012) Tracing autism: ambiguity and difference in a neuroscientific research practice.

James, Malcolm (2012) Upcoming movements: young people, multiculture, marginality and politics in outer East London.

Kohonen, Matti (2012) Actor-network theory as an approach to social enterprise and social value: a case study of Ghanaian social enterprises.

Hanspal, Vrajesh (2012) Markets and mediators: politics and primary art markets in Montréal.

Javid, Hassan (2012) Class, power, and patronage: the landed elite and politics in Pakistani Punjab.

Uncu, Baran Alp (2012) Within borders, beyond borders: the Bergama movement at the junction of local, national and transnational practices.

Gooch, Rebecca L. (2012) Television production, regulation and enforcement reasons for broadcasters’ non-compliance and a weakened state of regulatory affairs.

El-Khairy, Omar A. (2012) American statecraft for a global digital age: warfare, diplomacy and culture in a segregated world.

Trikha, Sara (2012) Policing minority ethnic communities: a case study in London’s ‘Little India’.


Ross, Sandy (2011) Everyday economics: ideas new and old from lay theories of economic life.

Colbran, Marianne (2011) Watching the cops: a case study of production processes on television police drama "The Bill".

Cockerton, Caitlin (2011) Going synthetic: how scientists and engineers imagine and build a new biology.

Redclift, Victoria (2011) Histories of displacement and the creation of political space: "statelessness" and citizenship in Bangladesh.

Torres Vitolas, Carlos Alberto (2011) Social capital in poor communities: a case study from rural northern Peru.

MacArtney, John I. (2011) Healing ourselves: ethical subjectivity in the stories of complementary self-help users with cancer.

Kim, Helen (2011) Desis doing it like this: diaspora and the spaces of the London urban Asian music scene.

Gounev, Philip Martinov (2011) Backdoor traders: illicit entrepreneurs and legitimate markets.

Kufner, Juergen (2011, PhD Cities) Tall building policy making and implementation in central London: visual impacts on regionally protected views from 2000 to 2008.

Kroll, Christian (2011) Towards a sociology of happiness: examining social capital and subjective well-being across subgroups of society.

Bramwell, Richard (2011) The aesthetics and ethics of London based rap: a sociology of UK hip-hop and grime.

Theses available but not listed under 'Sociology' online:

Kilburn, Daniel (2013, PhD Cities) Together, apart? Situating social relations and housing provision in the everyday life of new-build mixed-tenure housing developments.

Davis, Juliet (2012, PhD Cities) Urbanising the event: how past processes, present politics and future plans shape London’s Olympic legacy.

Theses not online:

Robin J H Kim (2011-12, PhD Cities): Correlation and Evolution: a new urban axis in London between St Paul’s Cathedral and Tate Modern.

Thomas McClean (2011-12): Shackling leviathan: a comparative historical study of institutions and the adoption of Freedom of Information.


Sociology Study Rooms 1951 crop  
Image of Sociology Study Room 1951 from LSE archives.