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Research students

See below for a list of current research students.  The information is supplied by the students themselves and may not be up-to-date in all cases.

Scroll down or click on link above for a list of the people who completed their theses and were awarded their doctorates from 2011.  Most of their theses, and some from previous years, are available to read online from LSE Theses Online| (Sociology).

If you are considering applying to LSE to join the Sociology PhD programme and have further questions, you may email any of the people listed here.  See our Study pages for more information about studying in the Department, or for information on being a research student at LSE see Research Degrees Unit|.

To update your details, be added to or removed from this list, please email Anna Johnston: a.johnston@lse.ac.uk|.  


Ariztia-Larrain, Tomas Andres
Title/topic: My new house in the suburbs: a material culture of the Chilean middle class
Supervisor: Dr Don Slater
Contact: t.a.ariztia-larrain@lse.ac.uk|

Beitler, Daiana
Title/topic: Tales of a Twenty-First Century 'Revolution' in the Making: Rethinking the relationship between framing, practice and materiality in Uruguay's CEIBAL programme.
Supervisor: Dr Don Slater
Contact: D.Beitler@lse.ac.uk|

Bernasconi, Oriana

Title/topic: A study of individualisation and culture:  true narrative interviews with three generations of Chilean families
Supervisor: Dr Don Slater
Contact: o.bernasconi@lse.ac.uk|

Bezirgan, Bengi
Title/topic: The Armenian Issue in Turkey: A Study of Nationalism and Media Representations
Supervisor: Prof Mike Savage
Contact: b.bezirgan@lse.ac.uk|

Bratu, Roxana
Title/topic:  Actors, practices and network of corruption: the case of Romania's accession to EU funds
Contact: r.bratu@lse.ac.uk|

Brookes, Nicholas
Title/topic: A Bear in the Bull market: an investigation into criminal corporate/state actors in Post-Soviet Russia and the methodology used by them to subvert the international financial system
Contact: n.m.brookes@lse.ac.uk|

Burrett, Robin
Title/topic: “Learning to learn for a lifetime of change”: Pedagogy, Governance and Citizenship Formation in Secondary Education
Supervisor: Dr Suki Ali
Contact: r.burrett@lse.ac.uk|  


Concha, Paz
Title: Urban cultural assemblages: the configuration of the Street Food Scene in London.
Supervisors: Dr. Don Slater and Prof. Mike Savage.
Contact: P.M.Concha@lse.ac.uk|  

Cruz, Victor Manuel
Title/topic: 'Metaphysics in the Dark': UK electronic dance music after the 'digital revolution'
Supervisors: Dr Don Slater and Prof Paul Gilroy (KCL)
Contact: V.M.Cruz@lse.ac.uk|

Cullen, Michelle
Title/topic: Cities on the Path to 'Smart'
Supervisors: Prof Fran Tonkiss and Dr Don Slater (PhD Cities)
Contact: M.L.Cullen@lse.ac.uk|


Dawes, Antonia Lucia
Title/topic: Naples in the Age of the Spider: Talk and Everyday Negotiations of Difference
Supervisor - Dr Suki Ali and Professor Paul Gilroy (KCL) 
Contact: a.l.dawes@lse.ac.uk|

Dickason, Simon
Title/topic: The emergence of global corporatism: a study of the Ethical Trading Initative
Supervisor: Dr Nigel Dodd
Contact: s.j.dickason@lse.ac.uk|


El-Khairy, Omar
Title/topic: 'Freedom is a lifestyle choice' : U.S. cultural diplomacy and African-American popular culture in times of war
Contact: o.a.el-khairy@lse.ac.uk|

Ergun, Mutlu
Title/topic:Deconstructing Race - Empowering Subjectivities: A Sociopsychological Framework of Racialisation (in view of Anti-Islamic Racism), Racial Awareness Training and Empowerment in Germany
Contact: m.ergun@lse.ac.uk|


Filipe, Angela Marques
Title/topic: Beyond clinical reasoning: Practices of disambiguation in child mental disorders
Contact: A.M.Filipe@lse.ac.uk |

Finlay, Susanna
Title/topic: Engineering biology or biologising engineering? Epistemic cultural dynamics in the emergence of synthetic biology
Contact: s.c.finlay@lse.ac.uk|

Fuentes, Kristina
Title/topic: Social movement framing and the 'American Dream': A case study of the U.S. labour movement
Supervisor: Dr Robin Archer
Contact: k.i.fuentes@lse.ac.uk|


Georgas, Evangelos
Title/topic: ‘Understanding Radicalization: Party Articulation and Popular Receptions of the Crisis in Greece Since 2010’  
Contact: e.georgas@lse.ac.uk|


Hanspal, Vrajesh
Title/topic: Markets and mediators: Entrepreneurs and product markets
Supervisor: Dr Don Slater
Contact: v.hanspal@lse.ac.uk|

Hecht, Katharina
Title/topic: Economic inequality at the top end of the income distribution
Supervisor: Prof Mike Savage
Contact: k.hecht@lse.ac.uk|  
Hussain, Ajmal
Title/topic: An ethnographic study of new Muslim identity formation in inner-city Birmingham, UK.
Contact: A.Hussain1@lse.ac.uk|


James, Daniel
Title/topic: The representation of absence: coming to terms with forced disappearance in the Southern Cone
Supervisor: Dr Claire Moon
Contact: d.james@lse.ac.uk|  

Javed, Umair 
Title/topic: Profit, Protest, and Patronage: The Traders Fraternity of Punjab
Supervisor: Dr Michael McQuarrie
Contact: u.javed1@lse.ac.uk|

Javidan, Pantea
Title/topic: Legal Construction as Social Construction: Victimhood and Culpability in the Commercial-Sexual Exploitation of Children.
Supervisors: Dr Suki Ali and Dr Hakan Seckinelgin


Kim, Dhohoon
Title/topic: Network, representation, and discourse on stem cell research: UK and South Korea
Supervisor:  Dr Martin Bauer
Contact: leo.kim.praxis@gmail.com|

Kohonen, Matti
Title/Topic: The Social Value of Social Enterprise: An ethnographic study of the value creation of two social enterprises in Ghana
Supervisors: Dr Don Slater & Dr Nigel Dodd

Krause, Juljan
Title/Topic: Fuzzy boundaries: Whitehead & social thought
Supervisor: Dr Carrie Friese & Dr Michael Halewood


Lewin, Sian
Title/topic: Inside the Regulated Organisation: How banks manage regulation and the regulator in a changing regulatory environment.
Supervisor: Professor Bridget Hutter, Professor Julia Black
Contact: s.h.lewin@lse.ac.uk|  

Loeschner, Isabell
Title/topic: Understanding Digital Connectivity – Reconceptualising Work
Supervisor: Professor Judy Wajcman
Contact: i.c.loeschner@lse.ac.uk|

Lorenzo, Maria Beatriz
Title/topic: The Real Crisis: A sociological in-depth network perspective of the decision to buy property in Sapin 2000-2010.
Supervisors: Dr Nigel Dodd
Contact: m.b.lorenzo@lse.ac.uk|


Macartney, John
Title/topic: Healing Ourselves: Subjectivation in Cancer Complementary Self-Help
Contact: j.i.macartney@lse.ac.uk|

Mager, Lee
Title/topic: Discourses of resistance among online anti-New World Order conspiracy theory communities
Supervisor: Dr Don Slater
Contact: a.l.mager@lse.ac.uk| 

Massalha, Manal
Title/topic: Absence of the Palestinian city and urbanism and its impact on Palestinian social development and class formation in Israel
Contact: m.massalha@lse.ac.uk|

Matczak, Anna 
Title/topic: Exploring the views of a post-communist public towards restorative justice: A case study of Poland.
Supervisors: Dr Janet Foster, Professor Bridget Hutter
Contact: A.Matczak@lse.ac.uk|  

Mena, Olivia
Title/topic: Global Border Walls
Contact: O.Mena@lse.ac.uk|  
Supervisor: Professor Paul Gilroy (KCL)

Message, Reuben
Title/topic: Social and biological reproduction in nineteenth century scientific aquaculture in Britain
Supervisors: Dr Carrie Friese and Dr Manali Desai
Contact: r.message@lse.ac.uk|  

Monson, Tamlyn
Title/topic: Collective violence and informal settlement in South Africa
Supervisor: Prof Chetan Bhatt
Contact: t.j.monson@lse.ac.uk|  

Munawar, Nabila
Title/topic: The Everyday Lives of Muslim Youth In Canada
Supervisors: Dr Suki Ali and Dr Claire Alexander
Contact: n.munawar@lse.ac.uk|  

Muniz, Bruno
Title/topic: Affect, Embodiment and Space: Funk Cultural Repertoires in Rio de Janeiro
Supervisor: Dr Juan Pablo Pardo-Guerra and Professor Mike Savage
Contact: b.barboza-muniz@lse.ac.uk|  

Muscat, Michaela
Title/topic: Sociology of Islamic Finance
Supervisor: Dr Nigel Dodd
Contact: m.muscat@lse.ac.uk|


Novis, Roberta
Title/topic: Hard Times: Exploring the Complex Structures and Activities of Brazilian Prison Gangs
Contact: r.b.novis@lse.ac.uk|


Liene Ozolina
Title/topic: Shifting meanings of self and state in post-Soviet liberalism: An ethnographic study of a Latvian unemployment office
Contact: L.Ozolina@lse.ac.uk|  


Name: Linda Lund Pedersen
Title/topic: Whose Rights, Whose Space? The Danish Alien Act and Family Migration: a case study of the status of Danish citizenship
Supervisors: Dr Ayça Çubukçu and Prof Charis Thompson
Website: https://lse.academia.edu/LindaLundPedersen|
Contact: l.l.pedersen@lse.ac.uk|  

Proia, Barbara
Title/topic: Imagined Consequences: an insider's view of Italy's 2001 corporate law
Contact: b.proia@lse.ac.uk|

Prug, Toni
Title/topic: Hacking ideologies: free software, political subjects and fictitious structures of reality
Supervisor: Dr Don Slater
Contact: t.prug@lse.ac.uk|


Quinlan, Tara Lai 
Title/topic: Creating Post-9/11 Community Partnership Counterterrorism Policies to Address Al Qaeda Inspired Terrorism Risk in London and New York City
Supervisors: Professor Michael Savage & Dr Michael Shiner (Department of Social Policy)
Contact: T.L.Quinlan@lse.ac.uk|  


Robinson, Katherine
Title/topic: An everyday public? Placing public libraries in London and Berlin
Supervisors: Professor Fran Tonkiss & Dr Suzanne Hall (PhD Cities)

Rode, Philipp
Title/topic: The Return of the Integrated Ideal: Compact city strategies and the case of
integrating urban planning, design and transport in London and Berlin
Supervisor: Prof Fran Tonkiss and Prof Anne Power (PhD Cities)

Rota, Andrea
Title/topic: Reassembling the Internets: an ethnographic approach - lay users, liquid technology and the making of meaning
Supervisors: Dr Don Slater & Dr Edgar Whitley (Information Systems and Innovation Group, Department of Management)
Contact: a.rota@lse.ac.uk|


Seymour, Richard
Title/topic: The raciological dimensions of Cold War anticommunism
Contact: R.W.Seymour@lse.ac.uk|

Shirai, Hiromasa
Title/topic: From Global Field to Local Neighbourhood - The Legacy of the Olympic Site for the City
Supervisor: Professor Robert Tavernor (PhD Cities)
Contact: h.shirai@lse.ac.uk|

Simanyi, Lena
Title/topic: Moralities of consumption in post-socialist Hungary
Supervisor: Dr Don Slater
Contact: l.simanyi@lse.ac.uk|

Sloane, Mona
Title/topic: 'Tuning the Urban Space’ – Investigating Design Practices in the Aesthetic Economy.
Supervisor: Dr Don Slater
Contact: m.sloane@lse.ac.uk|

Sveinsson, Kjartan 
Title/topic: Trajectories and Experiences of Migration amongst West African Doctors in the UK
Supervisor: Dr Suki Ali
Contact: k.p.sveinsson@lse.ac.uk|


Thornbury, Paul
Title/topic: The social construction of boundaries in in the private military/security industry
Supervisor: Dr Janet Foster
Contact: p.c.thornbury@lse.ac.uk|  

Timms, Jill

Title/topic: The role of corporate social responsibility discourse in campaigns for workers' rights: Three transnational case studies
Supervisors: Prof Leslie Sklair and Prof Fran Tonkiss
Contact: j.l.timms@lse.ac.uk|

Tocchetti, Sara
Title/Topic: How DNA became hackable and biology personal? Tracing self-fashioning of the DIYbio network
Supervisors: Prof Sarah Franklin and Dr Don Slater
Contact: s.tocchetti@lse.ac.uk|  


Van Der Graaf, Judy
Title/Topic: The Regulatory Role of Non-State Actors: Credit Rating Agencies
Supervisor: Prof Bridget Hutter
Contact: j.s.van-der-graaf@lse.ac.uk|
More information: Personal LSE webpage|

Veilahti, Antti
Title/topic: Economic expertise and banking policy
Supervisor: Prof Bridget Hutter & Dr Nigel Dodd

Von Burg, Krysia
Title/topic: Homophobic violence in Britain


Wadham, Monia
Title/topic: Civic renewal through community cohesion in Britain (1997 - 2000)

Weisz-Rind, Yael
Title/topic: Between the Nation and the Conscience: Dissident Soldiers in Israel
Supervisors: Dr Robin Archer and Dr Claire Moon


Completed PhDs 2011-14

Listed in date order (most recent at top)


Arriagada, Arturo (2014) Cultural Mediators and the Everyday Making of "Digital Capital" in contemporary Chile

Manning, Peter (2014) Justice, reconciliation and memorial politics in Cambodia.


Lingayah, Sanjiv (2013) Between the lines: contours of nation, multiculture and race equality in policy discourse in the New Labour period.

Kaasa, Adam (2013, PhD Cities) Writing, Drawing, Building: The Architecture of Mexico City, 1938-1964.

Gassner, Gunter (2013, PhD Cities) Unfinished and unfinishable: London’s skylines 

Beitler, Daiana (2013) An ethnography of the one laptop per child (OLPC) programme in Uruguay.

Lee, Kee  (2013) Practicing globalization: mediation of the creative in South Korean advertising.

Rashid, Naaz (2013) Veiled threats: producing the Muslim woman in public and policy discourse in the UK.

Donnellan, Caroline (2013, PhD Cities) Establishing Tate Modern: vision and patronage.

Hawkins, Gwyneth Mae (2013) Language and the social: investigations towards a new sociology of language.

Torre, Andreea Raluca (2013) Migrant lives. A comparative study of work, family and belonging among low-wage Romanian migrant workers in Rome and London.


Dinardi, Maria Cecilia (2012) Unsettling the culture panacea: the politics of cultural planning, national heritage and urban regeneration in Buenos Aires.

Abdullah, Hannah (2012) New German painting: painting, nostalgia & cultural identity in post-unification Germany.

Trevino-Rangel, Javier (2012) Policing the past: transitional justice and the special prosecutor’s office in Mexico, 2000-2006.

Burrell, Jennifer (2012) Producing the internet and development: an ethnography of internet café use in Accra, Ghana.

Fitzgerald, Des (2012) Tracing autism: ambiguity and difference in a neuroscientific research practice.

James, Malcolm (2012) Upcoming movements: young people, multiculture, marginality and politics in outer East London.

Kohonen, Matti (2012) Actor-network theory as an approach to social enterprise and social value: a case study of Ghanaian social enterprises.

Hanspal, Vrajesh (2012) Markets and mediators: politics and primary art markets in Montréal.

Javid, Hassan (2012) Class, power, and patronage: the landed elite and politics in Pakistani Punjab.

Uncu, Baran Alp (2012) Within borders, beyond borders: the Bergama movement at the junction of local, national and transnational practices.

Gooch, Rebecca L. (2012) Television production, regulation and enforcement reasons for broadcasters’ non-compliance and a weakened state of regulatory affairs.

El-Khairy, Omar A. (2012) American statecraft for a global digital age: warfare, diplomacy and culture in a segregated world.

Trikha, Sara (2012) Policing minority ethnic communities: a case study in London’s ‘Little India’.


Ross, Sandy (2011) Everyday economics: ideas new and old from lay theories of economic life.

Colbran, Marianne (2011) Watching the cops: a case study of production processes on television police drama "The Bill".

Cockerton, Caitlin (2011) Going synthetic: how scientists and engineers imagine and build a new biology.

Redclift, Victoria (2011) Histories of displacement and the creation of political space: "statelessness" and citizenship in Bangladesh.

Torres Vitolas, Carlos Alberto (2011) Social capital in poor communities: a case study from rural northern Peru.

MacArtney, John I. (2011) Healing ourselves: ethical subjectivity in the stories of complementary self-help users with cancer.

Kim, Helen (2011) Desis doing it like this: diaspora and the spaces of the London urban Asian music scene.

Gounev, Philip Martinov (2011) Backdoor traders: illicit entrepreneurs and legitimate markets.

Kufner, Juergen (2011, PhD Cities) Tall building policy making and implementation in central London: visual impacts on regionally protected views from 2000 to 2008.

Kroll, Christian (2011) Towards a sociology of happiness: examining social capital and subjective well-being across subgroups of society.

Bramwell, Richard (2011) The aesthetics and ethics of London based rap: a sociology of UK hip-hop and grime.

Theses available but not listed under 'Sociology' online:

Kilburn, Daniel (2013, PhD Cities) Together, apart? Situating social relations and housing provision in the everyday life of new-build mixed-tenure housing developments.

Davis, Juliet (2012, PhD Cities) Urbanising the event: how past processes, present politics and future plans shape London’s Olympic legacy.

Theses not online:

Robin J H Kim (2011-12, PhD Cities): Correlation and Evolution: a new urban axis in London between St Paul’s Cathedral and Tate Modern.

Thomas McClean (2011-12): Shackling leviathan: a comparative historical study of institutions and the adoption of Freedom of Information.


Sociology Study Rooms 1951 crop 
Image of Sociology Study Room 1951 from LSE archives.