Dr Niels Spierings

Dr Niels Spierings (LSE Fellow in political sociology) holds a PhD in political science and economics from Radboud University (The Netherlands) and has held positions at Radboud University and the University of Essex. In general his work focusses on inequalities and participation, with particular foci on gender issues, and the relationship between ‘the people’ and politics & politicians. Geographically, he mainly studies Muslim countries, the Middle East, and (Western) European countries. Most of his work is quantitative, but he has a broad interest in methodology and loves teaching methods. His latest work focusses on the political impact of social media (Facebook, Twitter); migration; participation & gender; and gender equality attitudes.

Dr Spierings also holds a visiting Fellowship at CASE (LSE): Centre for the Analysis of Social Exclusion


Politics and Society SO407/SO203

Dissertation political sociology SO499

Research Projects:

VIRAL|: Voting & the Internet | Research & Applied Lessons - coordinator & senior researcher

2000Families|: Turkish Families in Europe and Turkey - senior researcher

Key publications:

(2014) "How Islam Influences Women’s Paid Non-farm Employment: Evidence from 26 Indonesian and 37 Nigerian Provinces" Review of Religious Research. Online first. DOI 10.1007/s13644-014-0159-0

(2013) “Getting Personal? The impact of social media on preferential voting” Political Behavior Online first. Doi: 10.1007/s11109-013-9228-2 (with Kristof Jacobs)

(2012) "The Inclusion of Quantitative Techniques and Diversity in the Mainstream of Feminist Research" European Journal of Women's Studies 19(3): 331-347.

(2010) "District Magnitude and Voter Turnout. A multilevel analysis of self-reported voting in the 32 Dominican Republic districts" Electoral Studies 29: 704-18. (With Kristof Jacobs) (With Kristof Jacobs)

(2010) "Micro and macrolevel determinants of women's employment in six Arab countries" Journal of Marriage and Family 72(5): 1391-1407. 72(5): 1391-1407. (with  Jeroen Smits & Mieke Verloo)

(2009) "On the Compatibility of Islam and Gender Equality. Effects of Modernization, State Islamization, and Democracy on Women's Labor Market Participation in 45 Muslim countries" Social Indicators Research 90(3): 503-22. 90(3): 503-22. (with  Jeroen Smits & Mieke Verloo)


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