Dr Don Slater

My research focuses on material culture and technologies in everyday life, with a particular interest in how economic, technological and cultural processes intersect within material cultures. This research agenda has been pursued through a range of empirical lenses: consumption and consumer culture, photography and visual culture, and new media technologies and digital culture (particularly in the global south and development contexts).

My current research programme (with Jo Entwistle (King’s College London) and Mona Sloane (LSE Sociology)),  Configuring Light/Staging the Social, extends this interest into the ways in which light, as a material, is configured into urban and public realm infrastructures, spaces and practices, and has a core concern with the ways in which sociologists and practitioners (designers and planners) can collaborate on configuring material culture. Details of this programme can be found at www.configuringlight.org

The 15 years before this were dominated by new media research, culminating in my recent book, New Media, Development and Globalization: Making Connections in the Global South (Polity: 2013). Previous work has included The Internet: An Ethnographic Approach, with Prof Daniel Miller (Berg: 2000); a study of on-line pornography traders; an ethnography of community radio and internet in rural Sri Lanka (with Peter Lewis, LSE, and Jo Tacchi, QUT, under the auspices of UNESCO and DfID); a UNESCO programme of ethnographic action research with nine ICT projects in South Asia; and a two-year DfID-funded programme of comparative ethnographies of new media in India, Ghana, South Africa and Jamaica (with Daniel Miller, Jo Tacchi and Andrew Skuse).

Research on the sociology of economic life includes Consumer Culture and Modernity (Polity: 1997) and Market Society: Markets and Modern Social Thought, with Dr Fran Tonkiss (Polity: 2001); and, The Technological Economy, with Dr Andrew Barry (Routledge 2005).

I joined the LSE in January 2001, after teaching in Goldsmiths College for many years. I supervise across my various research interests; Ph.Ds, recent or in progress, include street food markets in London; music scenes and cultural mediators in Chile; an ethnography of the One Laptop Per Child Programme in Uruguay; a study of the configuration of ‘atmosphere’ in urban design and planning; a study of IBM ‘smart cities’; and new world conspiracy theorists online.

Selected Publications


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Dr Don Slater