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Dr Patrick McGovern is Director of the MSc International Migration and Public Policy and an Associate Professor (Reader) in the Department of Sociology.

He specialises in the sociology of work and the sociology of migration though his interests also include broader questions of social inequality, moral economy, and institutional change. He is currently working on three different projects that take up these issues in various ways.

With Eiko Thielemann (Government, LSE) and colleagues from the Universities of Amsterdam, Harvard, Luxembourg, and Sydney, he is examining trends in immigration policy across nine major OECD countries. The ‘IMPALA Project’, which is an innovative, multi-disciplinary endeavour, seeks to develop comparable measures of restrictiveness in relation to economic, family, humanitarian and student migration (http://www.impaladatabase.org/). Results from the pilot study reveal trends toward more complex forms of regulation since the 1990s, with differential treatment and greater selectivity accompanying increased restrictiveness.

A second project focuses on problems of theory and method within the qualitative case study tradition in industrial relations and the sociology of work. Drawing on an analysis of case study research published over a fifteen year period this project examines prevailing research practices and modes of theorising at a time when the future of this tradition has been questioned. A plenary paper at a recent British Universities Industrial Relations Association conference drew a lively response.

Finally, Pat’s interests in moral economy are reflected in a project with Martin Bauer (Social Psychology, LSE) which examines the way income inequality is framed in mass media discourse. Remarkably, the explosion of mass media interest in pay, especially in the form of “executive compensation” for CEOs, has been largely ignored by cultural sociologists, social psychologists and media scholars. Funded by the LSE’s International Inequalities Institute this project will explore the way various types of moral and market justifications are used in discussions of rising income inequality.

Pat holds a doctorate from Oxford University and First Class degrees in Sociology (BSc) and Industrial Relations (MSc) from University College, Dublin. He has served on the editorial boards of the British Journal of Industrial Relations, The British Journal of Sociology and Work, Employment & Society.


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Dr Pat McGovern