Dr Helen Kim

Brief Biography

I joined the LSE Department of Sociology as a Fellow in 2012. I completed my BA in Political Science at Marymount College in NY, USA. I then completed my MSc (Research) in Sociology and Ph.D in Sociology (2011) within the Department of Sociology at the LSE. My Ph.D. dissertation explored multiculture and diasporic spaces within popular music through a 15 month ethnographic study. Thus, my research emphasised the importance of lived experience to sociological analysis derived from the use of empirical methods such as ethnography. It showed how, through their engagement with popular culture production and consumption, young British Asians produce alternative practices that challenged discourses of deviance and particular representations of ‘race’ ethnicity and gender.

My research and teaching interests include the areas of race and racialization, diaspora, youth cultures and the urban. More specifically, I am interested in looking at how young people negotiate diasporic identities and racialized structures. In addition, I am also interested in ethnography and in developing visual research methods. 

Selected Publications

• A 'Desi' Diaspora? The Production of ‘Desiness’ and London’s Asian Urban Music Scene, Identities, (forthcoming)

• ‘It’s Deci-licious: Space and London’s ‘Desi’ urban music scene’ (2011) in Alexander, C. and James, M. (eds.) New Perspectives, New Voices, The Runnymede Trust: London

• “Keeping it Real” Bombay Bronx, cultural producers and the Asian scene’ (2011) in Toynbee J. and Dueck, B. (eds.) Migrating Music, London: Routledge

• ‘South Asian Diaspora Youth Culture’, Kim, H. and Alexander, C. in Chatterji, J. (ed.) (in press) South Asian Diasporas, Sage: London


  Helen Kim