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Professor Bridget Hutter

Professor Bridget Hutter has a Chair in Risk Regulation. She studied sociology at the Universities of London and Oxford (D.Phil). Her previous appointments include a British Academy Post-Doctoral Fellowship, a Research Fellowship at the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, Oxford, a Senior Research Fellowship in Sociology at Jesus College, Oxford, a Lectureship and then Readership in Sociology at the LSE and Director of the ESRC Centre for Analysis of Risk and Regulation (CARR) 2000-2010.

Professor Hutter's teaching interests centre on regulation, risk and social control. Her research interests are in the broad area of the sociology of regulation and risk governance; the regulation of economic life; organisational risk management and social control; risk regulation, resilience and natural disasters; and risk regulation in China. She is author of numerous publications on the subject of risk regulation. Several of these are listed in the Publications section below.

She is currently drafting a monograph with Professor Lloyd-Bostock on risk regulation and crisis. Watch the video made by Professor Hutter for the Big Ideas series of films, a collaboration between LSE and The Independent:
Bridget Hutter: Risk regulation has gone too far| 

For full details of Professor Hutter's publications, research projects and curriculum vitae, please see her website bridgethutter.net|

Selected Publications


Hutter, B.M. Managing Food Safety and Hygiene: Governance and Regulation as Risk Management,  Edward Elgar. Details| (PDF) 

Hutter, B.M. Anticipating Risks and Organising Risk Regulation, [editor], Cambridge Anticipating Risks book|University Press (2010) - for details click on image

Organizational Encounters with Risk, edited with Michael Power, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (2005)

Regulation and Risk: Occupational Health & Safety on the Railways, Oxford: Oxford University Press, (2001)

Socio-Legal Reader in Environmental Law, Oxford: Clarendon Press (1999)

Compliance: Regulation & Environment, Oxford: Clarendon Press (1997)

'The Reasonable Arm of the Law?': The Law Enforcement Procedures of Environmental Health Officers, Oxford: Clarendon Press (1988)


Hutter, Bridget M. and Lloyd-Bostock, Sally (2013) 'Risk, interest groups and the definition of crisis: the case of volcanic ash'. British Journal of Sociology, 64 (3). 383-404. ISSN 0007-1315

Hutter, Bridget M. (2011) 'Understanding the new regulatory governance: business perspectives.' Law & policy, 33 (4). pp. 459-476

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Hutter, Bridget M. (2010) 'Visualizations of risk and governance: some observations on change.'  In: Chan, Raymond K.H. and Takahashi, Mutsuko and Wang, Lillian Lih-rong, (eds.) Risk and public policy in East Asia. Ashgate

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Hutter, B.M. (2004) 'Risk Management and Governance' in Eliadis, P, Hill, MM and Howlett, M (eds.) Designing Government: From Instruments to Governance, Montreal: McGill-Queen's University Press. See also 'The Attractions of Risk-based Regulation: accounting for the emergence of risk ideas in regulation|,' 2005, Bridget M. Hutter, CARR Discussion Paper Series, DP 33.

Hutter, Bridget M. (2001) 'Is Enforced Self-Regulation a Form of Risk Taking?: The Case of Railway Health and Safety' International Journal of the Sociology of Law 29: 379-400.

Hutter, Bridget M. and Dodd, N. (2000) 'Geopolitics and the Regulation of Economic Life', with N. Dodd, Law & Policy, 22:1: 1-24.

Hutter, Bridget M.and Power, M. (2000) 'Risk Management and Business Regulation',  in J. Pickford Mastering Risk Volume 1, Pearson.

External activities

Bridget is an alumnus of the World Economic Forum (WEF) Network of Global Agenda Councils, formerly she was a member of the WEF Councils on Catastrophic Risk and Council on the Mitigation of Natural Disasters. She is an Academician of the Academy of Social Sciences, Fellow of the RSA and in January 2011 she was appointed Genest Global Faculty Member, Osgoode Hall Law School, York University, Toronto, and in April/May 2011 held a Residency at the Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center.

Bridget regularly meets with member of the regulatory agencies, business representatives and consumer groups. She has Chaired a Regulated Business Expert Review for the Environment Agency and advised them on compliance and small businesses; advised HSE on compliance and regulatory impact research; contributed to the Löfstedt review of health and safety legislation 2011and the Pennington Inquiry into the 2005 South Wales E.coli outbreak on food regulation; spoken with the Pitt Review Team on regulation and natural disasters; and various regulators on risk-based regulation. In 2010 she was appointed Trustee and Board Member of the think tank The Strategic Society Centre.

Member of Regulation & Governance Editorial Board. Editor British Journal of Sociology (2002-2008) and a Senior Research Associate of the Centre for Analysis of Risk & Regulation at the LSE.