Dr Ursula Henz

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Dr Henz is a Senior Lecturer in Sociology and Social Research Methods at the Sociology Department. Prior to joining the LSE, she held research fellowships at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development and Education in Berlin, Germany, at Stockholm University, Sweden, and at King's College, London. Her research has been concerned primarily with longitudinal aspects of compulsory and post-compulsory educational participation, poverty, labour market participation, family dynamics and informal caregiving using a number of large-scale surveys. Most of her work addresses the interrelationship between the spheres of the family and the labour market and pays special attention to gender differences.

Her current research comprises a project on work-life balance in Britain with a special focus on the different ways in which family circumstances affect work-life balance for men and women. She has begun work on a major new project on the new roles of men that will in particular analyse fathers time with children. This internationally comparative project is part of the European Union funded FP7 collaborative project "Families And Societies - Changing families and sustainable societies: Policy contexts and diversity over the life course and across generations". See: FamiliesandSocieties.eu|.

Dr Henz teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on family sociology and on quantitative research methods. She is interested in supervising research projects in the areas of family sociology, demography, social inequality and the life course. She has a particular interest in topics related to informal caregiving; relationships in blended families; fertility; partnerships; the changing roles of men and women; and well-being.

Selected Publications

Henz, Ursula (2010): Parent Care as Unpaid Family Labor: How Do Spouses Share? Journal of Marriage and Family 72, 1: 148-164.

Henz, Ursula (2008): Gender Roles and Values of Children: Childless Couples in East and West Germany. Demographic Research 19: 1451-1500.

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Henz, Ursula and Jan O. Jonsson (2003): 'Union disruption in Sweden. Does economic dependency inhibit separation?', International Journal of Sociology 33: 3-39.

'Chancengleichheit durch die Bildungsexpansion?' [Equal opportunity through educational expansion?] (with Ineke Maas). Kölner Zeitschrift für Soziologie und Sozialpsychologie 47 (1995), pp. 605-633

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Dr Ursula Henz