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Professor Craig Calhoun

My work as a sociologist centres on social change – and resistance to change. I've studied social movements, popular politics, and political economy in a variety of settings from 19th century Britain, France and the US to the contemporary China. I've researched social responses to technology and social patterns in the use of new technologies (especially information and communication technologies). I've undertaken comparative-historical examinations of nationalism, nation-states and cosmopolitanism. And I've explored the different relationships of religion and secularism to public life. I've also been engaged in interdisciplinary social and political theory, including especially work on critical theory and theories of practice, and efforts to bring sociological dimensions to political and legal debates. My newest book is Does Capitalism Have a Future? (Oxford 2013), co-authored with Immanuel Wallerstein, Randall Collins, Michael Mann, and Georgi Derluguian.

Craig Calhoun is Director of LSE, see Meet the Director|.

Image right of Craig Calhoun speaking at a conference organised by the Department of Sociology in 2010 in honour of Professor Richard Sennett.


Craig Calhoun at Sennett event 2010