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Dr Christopher Robert Badcock

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Dr Christopher Robert Badcock is Reader in Sociology at the LSE. Born in 1946, he was educated at Maidstone Grammar School and LSE (First Class Honours BSc Sociology and Social Anthropology, 1967, PhD, 1973.). He was Lecturer in Sociology at Polytechnic of the South Bank from 1969-73, and was appointed to the staff of the LSE Sociology Department in 1974.

Currently, Dr Badcock teaches an undergraduate option, SO215 Evolution and Social Behaviour. Details

His current research is devoted to elaborating the imprinted brain theory which he developed along with Prof Bernard Crespi (Killam Research Professor, Department of Biosciences, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, Canada) and which seeks to explain brain evolution, the mind, and mental illness in terms of genetic conflict. His book on the subject, The Imprinted Brain: how genes set the balance between autism and psychosis was published by Jessica Kingsley in May 2009.


Selected Publications



Badcock Evolutionary Psychology|
Evolutionary Psychology: A Critical Introduction.
Polity Press, 2000

Badcock Imprinted Brain|
The Imprinted Brain: how genes set the balance between autism and psychosis.
Jessica Kingsley, 2009








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Dr Christopher Badcock