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Dr Juan Pablo Pardo-Guerra

I am an Assistant Professor in Sociology at the London School of Economics and Political Science, where I teach economic sociology, the sociology of markets, the dissertation seminar and a selection of topics in research methods and science studies. Trained in physics (UNAM, Mexico) and science and technology studies (Edinburgh), I am interested in the role and constitution of markets in modern societies. I am working on my first book, tentatively called Engineering Markets: Experts, Technology, and the Making of Global Finance, which examines how discrete, fragmented efforts to develop trading and information technologies for stock exchanges and investment banks between 1960 and 1990 coalesced to radically transform the nature of finance. In particular, the book examines how two classes of technologies (electronic order books and real-time information dissemination systems) became platforms for the emergence of algorithmic and high-frequency trading. Other ongoing research projects focus on evaluation cultures in financial markets (with Donald MacKenzie, Iain Hardy, James Clunie and Alex Preda); a sociology of high frequency trading; market devices in the art world; and the role of market devices in restructuring knowledge production in higher-education.



2014 ‘Insurgent Capitalism: Insurgent capitalism: Island, bricolage and the re-making of finance’ Economy & Society (w/ D. MacKenzie).

2013 ‘Priceless Calculations: Reappraising the Sociotechnical Appendages of Art’ European Societies.

2012 ‘Drilling Through the Allegheny Mountains: Liquidity, Materiality and High Frequency Trading’ Journal of Cultural Economy 5(3): 279-296 (w/ D. MacKenzie, D. Beunza and Y. Millo).

2011 ‘How Much for the Michelangelo? Calculation, Commoditization and Finitism in the Secondary Art Market’ Cultural Sociology 5(2): 207-223.

2011 ‘Mapping Emergence Across the Atlantic: Some (Tentative) Lessons on Nanotechnology in Latin America’ Technology in Society 33(1-2): 94-108.

2010 ‘Creating Flows of Interpersonal Bits: the Automation of the London Stock Exchange, c. 1955-1990’ Economy & Society 38(1): 84-109. 

Book chapters

2013 ‘Trillions Out of Ones and Zeros: the Sociology of Finance Encounters the Digital Age’ in Orton-Johnson, K and Prior, N (eds.) Digital Sociology: Critical Perspectives Palgrave: Basingstoke.

2012 ‘Financial Automation: Past, Present and Future’ in Knorr, K and Preda, A (eds.) The Oxford Handbook of the Sociology of Finance Oxford University Press: Oxford, pp. 567-586.

2010 ‘The Automated House: the Digitalization of the London Stock Exchange, 1955-1986’ in Batiz-Lazo, B., Maixe-Altes, JC. and Thomes, P. (eds.) Moneymen and their Dream Machines: Digitalizing Retail Finance in Western Europe, North America and Japan, Routledge: London, pp. 197-220

 JP Pardo-Guerra