Dr Cristiana Olcese

Brief biography

I joined the LSE in October 2012 as a Fellow in Sociology. I did my undergraduate studies (Political Science) and MA in Art Management at the University of Genoa, Italy. While working for several art organisations I grew my interest in the contribution of art to individual and social change. Thanks to an ESRC fellowship, I completed my MSc in Social Research Methods and PhD in Sociology (2009) at the University of Reading. My thesis focused on the role of art in urban protest. After spending a year as Visiting Research Fellow in the Department of Sociology at Emory University, US, I was awarded with an ESRC Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Centre for Citizenship, Globalization and Governance at the University of Southampton. At the end of the Fellowship I kept working there in the collaborative European project ‘Caught in the Act of Protest: Contextualising Contestation’ (CCC).

My research and teaching interests are in the fields of political sociology, cultural sociology and social research methods. My work in political sociology encompasses social movements (in particular, comparative research on European demonstrations within the context of the CCC project) and political communication (the use of creative framing and social media for political activism). My interests in cultural sociology include how art practices contribute to individual and social change, within and outside protest. My work has been informed by a commitment to empirical research (in particularly document and textual analysis, interviews, and survey research).

Selected Publications

Forthcoming 2013. ‘Students in the Winter Protests: Still a New Social Movement?’ (with Clare Saunders). In Sarah Pickard (ed), Higher Education in the UK and the USA: Converging Models in a Global Academic World? Leiden: Brill Publishers.

2012, ‘Explaining Differential Protest Participation: Stalwarts, Returners, Repeaters and Novices’, Mobilization, 17(3) (with Clare Saunders, Maria Grasso, Emily Rainsford and Christopher Rootes).

2012, Il Lavoro: 100 Anni di Storia (with Marina Milan and Luca Rolandi). Genoa: Provincia di Genova.

Forthcoming 2012. ‘Movements’ (with Stephan Price and Clare Saunders). In Carl Death (ed), Critical Environmental Politics. Routledge Intervention Series.

2011, ‘Latin American Movements and Neoliberalism”, Social Movements Studies, 10 (3): 299-303.



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