Cumberland Lodge

PhD Students Residential Weekend 

A highlight of the year is our residential weekend at Cumberland Lodge, the University of London's Conference Centre situated in Windsor Great Park. The programme is planned by the department's PhD students and is organised around a topical theme of sociological importance and consists of lectures and panel sessions involving prominent speakers, members of staff and PhD students.

As well as being of educational value, the weekend is great fun and offers a chance to meet with colleagues in a unique and informal setting. All department PhD students are invited to attend and if there are places available MSc students can also attend. For more information about Cumberland Lodge click on the link:
Cumberland Lodge University Visitors|

25-27 January 2013

This year’s conference focuses on Sociology Frontiers at the LSE and reflects on the LSE’s own strengths in responding to challenges to the discipline. Papers are invited which address the issues raised in any of the four research clusters in the Department of Sociology:

• Economies, Risk and Technology
• Urban Change, Space and Connection
• Human Rights, Violence and Injustice
• Politics, States and Movements.

For more information please see the Call for Papers| (Word) or contact Kalynka Bellman| if you have any questions regarding your booking (registration is now closed).

January 2012

Last year's weekend was from 27-29 January 2012, and the theme was 'Centres and Peripheries'.  Images below are of the 2012 weekend, taken by Olivia Mena:

Cumberland Lodge 2012Cumberland Lodge 2012

 Cumberland Lodge 2012Cumberland Lodge 2012



Student Comments

"My weekend visit to Cumberland lodge was a beautiful experience. A great opportunity to meet and interact with the people I hadn't met before, to exchange fascinating ideas on various topical issues, all in beautiful surroundings.


"I enjoyed not just the great company and the lodge but also the refreshing and expansive countryside. Visiting the Windsor Castle and the Royal Chapel felt like 'proper English'.


"Kindly accept my thanks for this enriching experience. I appreciate all your efforts (and of the organising team) in making it possible."
Joan Nyanyuki (MSc Human Rights) to Frances Hewson, the weekend organiser 

“What I really liked about Cumberland Lodge was the opportunity to get to know students and staff and learn more about their research. The chances to do this are few and far between. Cumberland Lodge is a definite highlight in the academic calendar.”
Malcolm James (PhD)

"I thought the organizers did a brilliant job with the retreat – the programme, the social activities and general atmosphere tied everyone together to create a real sense of community within the Department. Cumberland Lodge itself is a beautiful place with stunning surroundings and it was quite a treat to spend a few days there."
Nabila Munawar (PhD)

"Cumberland Lodge was a great opportunity to take a closer look into the "kitchen" of research, to listen and respond to how others overcome the various challenges of the research process. I greatly appreciated the diversity of the panels and presentations and, most importantly, I found they raised some very interesting questions that are helpful in the process of developing my own dissertation ideas. The methodological panel particularly was both very useful and quite a pleasure to watch. Apart from the more academic side, the trip was also great fun, a good chance to walk around the very picturesque Windsor parks and talk over drinks with people I otherwise would not have met. All in all, I'd say the weekend was quite the success and everybody involved in organizing it did a wonderful job."
Tamara Baleanu (MSc Culture and Society 2009-10)

"I had a wonderful time at Cumberland Lodge. It was a relaxing weekend with thought-provoking panel discussions, interesting conversations with other students and staff, and long walks across the beautiful Great Windsor Park."
Daiana Beitler (PhD)

"As an MSc presenter from the Cities Programme, this was an invaluable opportunity to present a piece of work to my peers and I appreciated hearing everyone's constructive feedback. I especially enjoyed meeting fellow Sociology students and learning about their fieldwork."
Manasvi Menon (MSc City Design and Social Science 2009-10)

"It was such a great weekend. Lots of fun and so much information."
Pantea Javidan (PhD)

January 2011

Our students visited Cumberland Lodge from 21-23 January 2011.  The theme of the weekend was 'Sociology and the Public' – a focus on the role of sociology at a time of Big Society, education funding cuts, global financial and economic turmoil and social marginalisation.  To find out more about the discussions which took place see Programme| (PDF).

To get a flavour of the Cumberland Lodge experience see image gallery below (click on one of the small images to display full-size):

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All photographs in image gallery except the second and third are by Sociology PhD student Nabila Munawar.



Cumberland Lodge grounds
Cumberland Lodge

Cumberland Lodge in Winter

Cumberland Lodge students

Cumberland Lodge room