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Sociology Research Seminar Series

The Sociology Research Seminar is the main venue for scholars from around the world to present work in progress at the department. It is open to all, and it strives to feature innovative sociological research from a variety of perspectives. The series meets every other week in the Michaelmas and in the Lent terms.

2017/18 Schedule

All talks are held in the Robert McKenzie Room
St Clement's Building - Room S219
12.30 - 14.00 (unless otherwise stated)

Please Join Us!

 Michaelmas Term

Wednesday 18th October
Chana Teeger ( LSE Methodology)
Topic: “Apartheid is Boring”: The Politics of Disinterest in South African History Classrooms

Wednesday 22nd November 

Neil Gross (Colby College)
Topic:On the Role of Idées Fixes in Economic Life: The Case of the 2008 Financial Crisis

Wednesday 6th December

Dingeman Wiertz (Oxford)
Topic: Durable civic disparities across the United States: Civic deserts, hotspots, and their destinies

Lent Term

 Wednesday 17th January 
Michaela Benson (Goldsmiths)
Topic: TBD

Wednesday 21st February 

Sivamohan Valluvan (Manchester)
Topic: TBD

Wednesday 23rd November

Tod van Gunten (Edinburgh)
Topic: TBD

Wednesday 21st March

Bart Bonikowski (Harvard)
Topic: TBD 

Past Seminars

Lent Term 2017

Wednesday 18th January
Romola Sanyal (LSE Geography)
Topic: 'Crossing Borders, Making Homes: Refugees and the Politics of Property'

Wednesday 1st February 

Professor Barbara Prainsack (Kings College)
Topic: 'Solidarity: Can an Old Concept Help with New Challenges?'

Wednesday 22nd February

Professor Tobias Werron (University of Bielefeld)
Topic: 'Why do we believe in competition? A Historical-sociological View of Competition as a Modern Imaginary'

Wednesday 8th March 

Professor Ivan Ermakoff   
(EHESS and University of Wisconsin - Madison)

Topic: 'Showdown in Collective Leadership: A Methodological Outline' 


Michaelmas Term 2016

Wednesday 5th October 
Professor Mike Savage (LSE)
Topic: Acceleration, Redemption, or Accumulation? Modernity,  Sociology, and Temporality in the 21st Century

Wednesday 19th October

Dr Jacob Habinek (UC Berkeley and Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies)
Topic: Field Formation in Intellectual Networks: the Emergence of the Life Sciences in Germany, 1770-1890

Wednesday 9th November

Professor John Evans (UC San Diego)
Topic: What Is a Human? Public Views and the Impact on Human Rights

Wednesday 23rd November

Dr Linsey McGoey (University of Essex)
Topic: What’s Really New About the ‘New’ Philanthrocapitalism? A Critical Look at Hacker Philanthropy

Wednesday 7th December

Professor John Levi Martin (University of Chicago)  
Topic: On the Other Side of Values