Seminars and talks

Inform organises two day-long seminars each year on a variety of issues concerning new religious movements or 'cults'.  The forum provides a unique opportunity for participants to gain and exchange information of both a theoretical and practical nature with a wide variety of experts and people with hands-on experience of movements.  The seminars are open to anyone interested in the topic and are typically attended by academics, researchers, students, educationalists, counsellors, social workers, clergy, police, government officials, former and current members of religious movements, their families, and many others. 

Inform also organises large international conferences, which are open to scholars from all over the world, the most recent having had more than 200 participants from 23 countries.  Further seminars are organised for people with specialist interests, such as clergy, social workers, or the police.

For future events see the Inform| website.


2015 February: Innovation, Violence and Paralysis: How Do Minority Religions Cope with Uncertainty?

2014 December: Minority Religions and Schooling

2013 May: New Religious Movements and Counselling

2012 December: Changing Beliefs and Schisms in New Religious Movements

2012 May: Prophecy in the New Millennium: When Prophecies Persist

2011 December: Legal Cases in New Religions

2011 May: African New Religions in the West

2010 November: State Reactions New Religions in the West

2010 April: Cults and Crime

2009 November: New Movements within the Islamic Tradition

2009 May: Intentional Communities

2008 November: Prophecy and New Religions

2007 November: Adults who grew up in NRMs

2007 May: NRMs, Death and Dying

2006 November: New Religious Movements and Politics

2006 May: Spirit Possession and Exorcism

2005 November: New Religious Movements and Gender

2005 May: New Religious Movements and 'Outside' Marriage

2004 November: Growing Up in a New Religion

2004 May: How Dangerous are the New Religions?

2003 November: Joining New Religions: Conversion or Coercion?

2003 May: New Religious Movements and the Hereafter

2002 November: Strange Encounters of the Religious Kind

2002 May: New Religious Movements and Higher Education

2001 November: New Religious Movements and Parenting

2000 December: New Religious Movements and Law Enforcement

2000 May: New Religious Movements and the Internet

1999 November: New Religious Movements and Rites of Passage

1999 May: New Religions and the Family

1998 November: New Religious Movements at the Millennium

1998 May: New Movements Within the Christian Churches

1997 November: New Religious Movements and the Media

1997 May: New Religious Movements and Violence

1996 December: New Religious Movements and Money

1996 May: Sexuality and New Religious Movements

1995 December: The Millennium

1995 April: New Religious Movements and Education

1994 December: New Religious Movements and Mental Health

1994 May: New Religious Movements and the Law

1993 December: Twenty Years On

1992 November: Humanistic Psychology and the Human Potential Movement

1992 March: Children in New Religious Movements

1991 November: Leaving New Religious Movements

1991 April: Our Body - Friend or Foe?

1990 November: Authority & Dependence and New Religious Movements

1990 April: The New Age

1989 November: A Practical Introduction to New Religious Movements 
(Launch of New Religious Movements: A Practical Introduction by the Archbishop of Canterbury)

1989 March: Parents' and Former Members' Perspectives on New Religious Movements

1988 June: Counselling and the New Religious Movements

International conferences

2014 January/February: Inform Anniversary Conference. Minority Religions: Contemplating the Past and Anticipating the Future.

2008 April: 2008 International Conference, Twenty Years and More: Research into Minority Religions, New Religious Movements and 'the New Spirituality'  

2001 April: 2001 International Conference, The Spiritual Supermarket: Religious Pluralism and Globalisation in the 21st Century: The Expanding European Union and Beyond

1993 March: New Religions and the New Europe

Specialist workshops

2009 November: Ageing and New Religions

2005 December: Children at Risk? Possession, Witchcraft and Exorcism

2003 July: The Church and Contemporary Paganism

2001 June: New Religious Movements: A Seminar for Clergy and Religious Professionals

1992 November: New Religious Movements: The Churches' Response