Selected recent books authored, co-authored or edited by Sociology Department faculty

Ozolina Politics of Waiting

Politics of Waiting: Workfare, post-Soviet austerity, and the ethics of freedom

Liene Ozoliņa, Manchester University Press, 2019)

"In this sensitive and perceptive ethnography, Liene Ozolina uses the mundane, and often absurd, practices of training and motivation programs for the unemployed to explore how ordinary Latvians interpret their own selves, history and future."—Thomas Blom Hansen, Professor of Anthropology, Stanford University

Friedman Glass Ceiling crop

The Class Ceiling: Why it Pays to be Privileged.

Sam Friedman and Daniel Laurison (Policy Press, 2019)

Politicians continually tell us that anyone can get ahead. But is that really true? This important book takes readers behind the closed doors of elite employers to reveal how class affects who gets to the top.

Love of Humanity

For the Love of Humanity: The World Tribunal on Iraq

Ayça Çubukçu (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2018)

"Mixing ethnographic material on the conduct of the World Tribunal on Iraq with analysis grounded in political theory and international law, Ayça Çubukçu's outstanding book offers thought-provoking arguments alongside first-hand reflections on the WTI's deliberations."—Stephen Hopgood, University of London

Krause_Social Theory Now

Social Theory Now

Edited by Claudio Benzecry, Monika Krause and Isaac Reed (University of Chicago Press, 2017)

Provides a strategic window onto social theory based on current research, examining trends in classical traditions and the cutting edge of more recent approaches.

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Regulatory Crisis: interactions between disaster, crisis and risk regulation 

Bridget Hutter and Sally Lloyd-Bostock (Cambridge University Press, 2017)

Using a new concept - 'regulatory crisis' - this book examines how major crises may or may not affect regulation.

Sage Handbook

The SAGE Handbook of the 21st Century City

Edited by Suzanne Hall and Ricky Burdett (Sage Publishing, 2017)

Focuses on the dynamics and disruptions of the contemporary city in relation to capricious processes of global urbanisation, mutation and resistance. Includes chapters by Mike Savage, Fran Tonkiss and David Madden.


The Sociology of Speed: Digital, organizational, and social temporalities

Edited by Judy Wajcman and Nigel Dodd (Oxford University Press, 2016)

Pulls together and extends the most important theoretical and empirical innovations across the social sciences.


In Defense of Housing:The politics of crisis

David Madden and Peter Marcuse (Verso, 2016)

In every major city in the world there is a housing crisis. How did this happen and what can we do about it? The definitive statement on this crisis from leading urban planner Peter Marcuse and sociologist David Madden.


Democratizing Inequalities: Dilemmas of the new public participation

Edited by Caroline W. Lee, Michael McQuarrie and Edward T. Walker (New York University Press, 2015)

This collection of essays brings together a diverse range of leading scholars to reveal surprising insights into how dilemmas of the new public participation play out in politics and organizations.


Social Class in the 21st Century

Mike Savage (Penguin, 2015)

In this book Mike Savage and the team of sociologists responsible for the Great British Class Survey look beyond the labels to explore how and why our society is changing and what this means for the people who find themselves in the margins as well as in the centre.