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Dr Nicolas Bueno

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Dr Nicolas Bueno is a postdoctoral researcher in Business and Human Rights. His research project "Human Economy : The Future of Economic Human Rights" is conducted at the Université de Louvain and at LSE Centre for the Study of Human Rights. It is funded by the Swiss National Research Foundation. In his research, he focuses on the State duty to protect and the corporate responsibility to respect the human right to just conditions of work and the human right to work extraterritorially.

Prior to this research, he was legal adviser at the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR) in Berlin where he conducted strategic litigation in the field of business and human rights. On behalf of ECCHR, Nicolas wrote several legal reports (Menschen.Rechte.Wirtschaft and Sorgfaltspflichten von Unternehmen im Hinblick auf die Einhaltung von Menschenrechten) for civil society addressing the liability of corporations for human rights violations in their global operations.

Nicolas was a Fulbright PhD visiting student at Columbia University and holds a Doctorate from the Université de Lausanne for his published research Le droit de prendre son destin en main : le droit international de la démocratie et l’avenir des droits politiques.

New publication: Corporate Liability for Violations of the Human Right to Just Conditions of Work in Extraterritorial Operations, in 22 The International Journal of Human Rights (2017). Please contact Nicolas for a copy of the full text/pdf.