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PUS Seminars

Public Understanding of Science is the world leading academic journal on popular science and the science-society interface. It was founded in 1992 and is edited by Martin W Bauer| and Sue Howard (both LSE).

The London PUS seminar is an interdisciplinary intercollegiate seminar concerned with the broad range of topics that fall under the headings of public understanding of science, public engagement with science, science communication, and science-in-society.  It has been run jointly between LSE and UCL since 1993 and is open to all. Our participants predominantly come from a wide range of academic disciplines, and the science policy and science communication/public engagement communities. It is currently supported by the Public Understanding of Science journal published by SAGE and the Department of Science and Technology Studies, UCL.

Organisers: Professor Martin Bauer, Dr Simon J Lock, Dr Jane Gregory

25th June 2014 - Title: Treasures of daily life in research. View page|

30th April 2014 - Title: The emergence of modern science communication. View page|

19 Mar 2014 -  Public attitudes to science in 2014 – how far have we come in 25 years in Britain? View page|

26th February 2014 -
Title: Media orientation of universities – a golden age for public relations? View page|

5 Feb 2014 -
Simon Lock, Wellcome Monitor of Public Attitudes to Science. View page

12th December 2013 -
Professor Ren Fujun presented China’s PSTI and Its Science Communication Activities. This seminar described China’s park of science museums (PSTI, Popularization of Science and Technology Infrastructure), its development and recent trends. View page|

26th June 2013 - Bankole Falade, Title: Vaccination Controversy, Religion and Attitudes to Science in Nigeria. View page|

13th March 2013 - Jean-Baptiste Gouyon (Science Museum, London). Title: ‘A collection of cinematograph pictures dealing with animal life should be placed in every important museum’ – Natural history film-making, a culture of knowledge production? View page|

27th February 2013 - Fern Elsdon-Baker, Coventry University. View page|

30 January 2013
- Professor Harry Collins. The Third Wave of Science Studies and the public understanding of science. View page|

5th December 2012 - Speaker: Franz Seifert. National Variants of the European anti-biotech movement: a comparative study of Austria, Germany, France, Spain and the United Kingdom. View page|

28th November 2012 - Speaker Steve Fuller. Is science undergoing its own protestant reformation? View page|