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In March 2006, PhD students took the initiative -under the auspices of the PhD director, Cathy Campbell- to launch the ISPN (formerly known as Institute of Social Psychology Newsletter) in an attempt to share the views, achievements and news -academic and non-academic- of the members of the Psychology@LSE department.

Four PhD students, Melissa Nolas, Cathy Vaughan, Carlos Bruen and Stavroula Tsirogianni, formed the editorial team and decided to work collaboratively on the design and editing of Department newsletter, which was aimed to be an internal -only- resource. The first issue received a very warm welcome from all members and this is how we decided to make it available for downloading from the Department's website.

The newsletter has been proved an excellent way to keep up with everything that happens in the department, while supporting and enhancing the visibility of all members - wherever they are in the world.

The Newsletter is published twice yearly in Winter and Summer editions, and contains information about the academic and social activities undertaken by members of the Department including:

  • Department Happenings
  • Research
  • Publications
  • Forthcoming events
  • New Members
  • Recommended Readings

Psychology@LSE Newsletter is for everyone that is interested in keeping up with information about the Department and cutting edge knowledge about Social Psychology in general.


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11th Newsletter

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ISP Newsletter 2

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ISP Newsletter 1 

Winter 2005-Spring 2006
Issue 1


Carlos Bruen, Alumni

"As a previous research student at the Department of Social Psychology, I had the
good fortune of engaging with people at the forefront of theoretical and applied social psychology. Intellectually and socially, the Department is home to a sincere, supportive network of people, providing for exciting and stimulating interaction.

It is impressive to see the enthusiasm with which students and staff encourage and maintain a strong sense of community, one that is not restricted to geographical location, bridging as it does the geographical chasms many of us experience from time to time. I have found that the collaborative nature of the Department has meant that people continually inform, invite and seek to involve each other in activities undertaken at the Department - whether through the many events and research groups or through the Psychology@LSE Newsletters, which I believe performs a valuable communicative function, keeping friends and colleagues 'wired in' to the goings-on in the Department."