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We have a vibrant research culture at the Psychology@LSE, with a great diversity of research themes which draw together around the main questions and debates of contemporary societal and cultural psychology. The research we do brings to the fore the role of the psychological in social, political, economic and cultural affairs.

Here are our current research projects:

Martin Bauer

  • MACAS or Mapping the Cultural Authority of Science across EU and India, with collaborators in UK, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Bulgaria and Taiwan (international project) link:
  • A software tool for automatic media monitoring of science news – a technology transfer project from Brazil. In collaboration UK – Turkey (British Council)
  • The science culture of modern Portugal: examining the longitudinal evidence of attitude change 1989-2010 (for CIENCIA VIVA, Lisbon)
  • The knowledge society favours science communication, but puts science journalism into the clinch.
  • Science journalism across the globe: practice, professional ethos and a sense of professional crisis (with
  • Comparing the structure of attitudes to science across Europe and China (with CRISP).
  • Fundamental, non-utilitarian attitudes to science: attempts to operationalize the ‘scientific temper’ (UK, Iceland, Taiwan and Nigeria)
  • The functionality of public resistance for techno-science: nuclear power, information technology and genetic engineering (a book project).
  • Resistance and the practice of rationality (a book project)
  • Common sense, science and social science: revisiting an old debate (international collaboration)
  • Text analysis in the social sciences: a manifesto for the human factor in ‘big data’ (a book project)
  • Introspection: reconsidering an old method of data collection once again (a teaching project)

Catherine Campbell

  • Tackling social and health inequalities in the 21st century: developing new theories of social change.
  • Local-global influences on community responses to HIV/AIDS in southern Africa.
  • The role of the Movement for Global Mental Health in tackling the so-called mental health ‘treatment gap’ in low income countries.
  • Conceptualising the agency of extremely marginalised people – AIDS-affected children in southern Africa, and women in situations of domestic violence

Ilka Gleibs

  • “Identi-scope: Multiple identities as a resource for understanding and impacting behaviours in the digital world”, with Professor Mark Levine, Dr Miriam Koschate-Reis, and Professor Awais Rashid (funded by the EPSRC, EP/J005053/1); link:
  • “Multiple identities and behavioural mimicry”; two different projects (one with Dr Caroline Catmur from the University of Surrey; and one with Professor Tanya Chartrand, Professor Margaret Shih and Ms Peggy Liu) investigating the strategical influence of social identities on behavioural mimicry
  • "Multiple (conflictual) identity and the student experience”, research project with Dr Daniel Frings looking at the longitudinal effects (in-)compatibility of different social identities on student’s performance and experience at University.
  • “Don’t drop the ball’: Effects of Multiple Identities on Performance and Identification in Stereotype Threat Situations in Sports”, project with Prof Sarah Martiny and Dr Jenny Roth on stereotype threat and female ball players.
  • “Conflict and complementarity between employees’ religious and occupational identities: Implications for well-being and practice in health care settings”, project with Dr YingFei Heliot, Dr Adrian Coyle, and Dr Ilke Inceog

Caroline Howarth


Jenevieve Mannell

  • The practice of gender policy in rapidly developing economies: case studies from Rwanda and South Africa
  • Social psychology of policy: Examining the role of policy in our everyday lives.
  • Re-conceptualisation agency for marginalised settings: women experiencing intimate partner violence (with Cathy Campbell)
  • The role of masculinities in shaping health-related identities: implications for practice