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Department Manager
Daniel Linehan
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MSc Programme Administrator
Jacqueline Crane
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PhD Programme and Communications Administrator
Terri-Ann Fairclough
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Research groups related to the Department

Psychology@LSE has three research groups with each research group functioning in an integrated way, with seminars and events under the group's name. 

Associated research:

Each of the Research groups of the Institute of Social Psychology provides a research environment, and local and international research links which adds up to a rich intellectual context for both research and students, and provides many opportunities for fostering collaboration, both in terms of intellectual projects (such as joint papers and special editions of journals) and in terms of establishing international networks of academics and practitioners concerned with the application of social psychological principles to the domains addressed by the group. 

Each research group:

  • Has been highly successful in attracting external research funding
  • Has produced a series of internationally recognised research publications
  • Is affiliated with interdisciplinary units or networks in LSE and beyond
  • Hosts a series of seminars and research meetings
  • Offers an environment for the conduct of PhD research
  • Informs research-led teaching at the graduate level.