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Scholarship and funding options

The Psychology@LSE has a number of sources of funding available to you:


Hilde Himmelweit was one of the pioneers of social psychology in Britain. She held the Chair in the Department for 25 years and conducted major studies on the impact of television on children, schooling and socialisation and political behaviour. In her memory Professor Sir Ralf Dahrendorf, Professor Harold Kelley, Professor Serge Moscovici among others set up the Hilde Himmelweit Memorial Fund to offer up to two Himmelweit Scholarships of £3,000. These are awarded annually and are open to students of all nationalities applying to the MSc in Social and Cultural Psychology. For details of the above scholarships please contact the LSE Financial Support Office|.

ESRC Studentship

ESRC studentships are available or students intending to complete either a) a MSc and a PhD (ESRC 1+3 programme) or b) a PhD (ESRC +3 programme). For more information and application form go to www.esrc.ac.uk|


For additional sources of funding go to the LSE Financial Support Office|.


Dr Alison Chryssides
Pychology@LSE graduate 2005-06

"Studying for the MSc in Social Psychology I found the support of my fellow students, and the involvement of staff in the various research groups and projects, truly fired my enthusiasm for the subject. 

It was undoubtedly such encouragement that enabled me to be awarded the Hilde Himmelweit prize, which gave me a much greater confidence to pursue my studies by undertaking a PhD, as well as being a pleasing reward for a year of hard work!"