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Department Manager
Daniel Linehan
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Jacqueline Crane
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Terri-Ann Fairclough
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Finance, Funding, Lodging


Costs of studying at LSE include: Tuition fees for LSE programmes cover registration, teaching, first entry to examination, the use of the Library| and membership of the Students' Union| For additional sources of funding read more from LSE Financial Support Office|.


In order to be considered for ESRC funding (1+3 or +3) programme applications must be submitted to Graduate Admissions. Read more|

Living costs

LSE makes broad estimates of the cost of living in the London area and these are available on the School's website. For 2012/13, the School estimates that students should allow about £1,000 per month for living costs, in addition to tuition fees.

We advise that the total for a nine month academic year = £9,000 and the total for a twelve month academic year = £12,000.

How much you spend in addition to your tuition fees is your decision and these figures are only intended as a guide. The most important consideration is that you must satisfy yourself and the relevant authorities that you have sufficient funds to cover your entire period of study. More Financial support information can be found on:  LSE Financial Support Office|.


Lodging capacities of LSE, links and costs. Click here| for more information.|


Apart from being at the heart of London and surrounded by a wide selection of good restaurants, cafes and eateries LSE have a excellent selection of LSE owned food eateries to choose from on campus: Click here| for more information

Transportation| and maps|

Laura Paskell-Brown|, Writer, story teller, builder of the new Greater New York City Area | Higher Education
[Psychology@LSE Alumni 2006 - 07]

"People love the Department of Social psychology for all sorts of reasons. For me it was the time I finally found my passion and the place that enabled me to pursue it. 

The year at the LSE has given me a window onto a world of exciting ideas as well as the confidence to finally pursue the worthwhile and fun career I've always hoped I would find: academia."