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Here at Psychology@LSE we pride ourselves on our pedagogical approach. Studying Social Psychology at the LSE| is a unique pedagogical and cultural experience. The international outlook and cultural diversity of our students and staff coupled with their commitment, passion and determination makes teaching and learning at Psychology@LSE is a pleasure. The interests, questions and debates our students bring to lectures and seminars are a vital component of our research-led environment.

 Teachings at the Cumberland lodge

 We support a one to one tutorial system in our commitment to meet individual needs and interests. We engender an approach to research which is rigorous, relevant, and has practical application. As argued by Kurt Lewin| 'there is nothing as practical as good theory'.

 Professor Serge Moscovici speaking with students

Our seminar and lecture programme includes a host of internal and external academics to draw on a wide range of thinking and research activity.

Our unique Psychology Technical Workshop| helps students in their research projects and other experiments. See Erik Lang's experiment on lying| 

Finally, the programmes| are carefully structured to develop competent, rigorous methodological skills at the same time as enabling students to discover personal interests and angles on our most relevant pressing issues that face society today. 

Psychology@LSE has consistently achieved excellent results in internal and external assessments as well in the systematic feed-back we receive from our students. We have an impressive record of attracting teaching awards with Cathy Campbell|, Caroline Howarth| and Sandra Jovchelovitch| all receiving the LSE Teaching Prize| "for outstanding teaching performance above and beyond that required".

 Teachings at the Cumberland lodge


Bipasha Ahmed

"I felt very privileged to have the opportunity to teach students on a postgraduate module at Psychology@LSE.  It was a very enjoyable experience and the students I met were clearly engaged and making the most of the opportunities afforded to them to discuss important issues regarding our understanding of 'race' and racism in contemporary society, within an institutional setting which seems pioneering on such these issues. 

In my view, the Psychology@LSE offers very important and pertinent perspectives on issues of 'race' and identity both in its research and teaching. I have enjoyed both teaching being involved with discussions with academics there. In particular I am looking forward to being involved with the SPRRAM network which is already doing sterling work."