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MSc Social and Cultural Psychology

Have you ever wondered how different social contexts and cultures affect the ways in which people think, behave and relate to each other? Have you asked yourself how societies and communities think, develop a sense of identity and construct representations, beliefs and attitudes about issues that matter in the public sphere? Have you considered what makes us human and how our psychological makeup contributes to shaping the worlds in which we live, the organisations for which we work and the institutions that define our ways of life? Were you ever intrigued by the power of minorities, the behaviour of groups and crowds, the intricacies of dialogue, communication and misunderstandings in human relations? Then this MSc is for you.

Central themes include:

  • social representations, beliefs and attitudes
  • self and society
  • cognition and culture
  • identity and inter-cultural communication
  • community development and social change
  • applications in the fields of health, organisations, community, science and technology and the media.

Training in social and cultural psychology will give you an overview of theories, concepts and methods that will empower you to understand, analyse and propose solutions for problems as diverse as extreme conflict, community development, health promotion, multiculturalism and racism, inter-cultural, inter-group and inter-personal communication, social change and the public understanding of controversial issues.

You will receive a high quality academic training emphasising the development of critical thinking and analytical skills, which integrates theory and practice for the construction of research and intervention at the individual, institutional and community levels. The programme offers an ESRC recognized, high quality training in methodological aspects of social research. This MSc will broaden your horizons and equip you to creatively pursue a career in both research and a variety of applied fields.

Career Opportunities

Our students find employment in a variety of fields ranging from international organisations such as the UN, UNESCO, UNDP, to governmental departments, NGOs, media and communications industries, corporate and management consultancies, health, community development, market research, policy development and advertising. In addition many of our students continue their social psychological studies reading for a PhD with us or in academic institutions around the globe. (more on Career Opportunities|

Programme Structure

The programme involves completing four course units, and a research report of no more than 10,000 words.

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Research Topic

Students work closely with a supervisor in selecting a topic and in designing and carrying out an empirical piece of social psychological research, thereby giving students first hand experience of the research process.


Professor Sandra Jovchelovitch
Director of the Social and Cultural Psychology programme

"I love to teach and consider a real privilege to have the opportunity of meeting the exceptional students who come to the LSE. I was quite thrilled when I received the LSE Teaching Prize, for outstanding teaching performance.

Teaching keeps my research and intellectual concerns alive and it is thanks to my students that I have managed to clarify a great deal of my ideas!

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