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MSc Organisational and Social Psychology

Our Msc in Organisational and Social Psychology focuses on the understanding of the interaction between organisations and the people who lead and work with/in them. We draw on the best in social science research to build new insights for diagnosing organisational problems as well as for understanding and intervening to build new organisational capabilities.

In this 18mins 29 secs video, Dr Lucia Garcia describes the MSc Organisational & Social Psychology

Our program feeds from two overlapping perspectives:

  • Organisational behaviour (or "micro") seeks answers to important questions about individuals and groups and draws primarily on psychology and social psychology, including theory on decision making, creativity, activity theory, stress, motivation etc.
  • Organizational theory (or "macro") seeks to understand how organisations come to be structured the way they are, how they are related to each other, and how their structures and relationships change over time, as well as the effects of these structures and relationships on individual members and organizational performance. It draws primarily on cultural studies, sociology, social philosophy and management science and includes theory on organisational culture, change and power, networks, knowledge systems etc.

These two areas come together in our program in what has come to be known as "meso" organisational work. This cross-level work bridges the individual and organisational levels by analysing how organisation-level phenomena (such as culture and identity) shape individual and group behaviour and how individual actions in turn shape organisational processes and outcomes.

The program is informed throughout by a dual objective: a rigorous approach to theory yet one firmly placed within the context of emerging organisational issues and relevant debates in the area. It addresses, at its core, the interface and synthesis of social psychological processes with practice in interdisciplinary domains in organisational and communities.

The MSc in Organisational and Social Psychology will be of particular benefit to those who already have some experience of working in organisations or organisational consultancy and who would like to develop their understanding in relation to innovative practice in general management, consulting, and human resource management, and of creative ways of working with others in and around organisations. Please note that it is not the aim of this programme to offer a foundation level training in organisational management skills as might typically be expected from a Master's course in Business Administration.

Programme Structure

Compulsory full unit courses

The programme requires completing 4 course units including a dissertation of 10,000 words. For more information click here|.

Research Topic

Students work closely with a supervisor in selecting a topic and in designing and carrying out an empirical piece of social psychological research, thereby giving students first hand experience of the research process.


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