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Social and Cultural Psychology

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In this MSc we explore the ways in which culture and society shape how people think, behave and relate to each other. We draw on theories, concepts and methods of social and cultural psychology to understand how societies think, how communities develop a sense of identity and how they represent controversial and important issues affecting local and global public spheres. For more information on the MSc programme, click here|.


Our students come from all over the world and bring different perspectives and cultural outlooks to the study of social and cultural psychology. To know more about the network of people you can potentially join click here|


Professor Sandra Jovchelovitch|
Dr Alex Gillespie|
Dr Caroline Howarth|
Dr Bradley Franks|
Dr Ilka Gleibs|

Selected projects

CHILDREN AND THE PUBLIC SPHERE:| an international comparative study of how culture and socio-economic milieu affect children’s understanding of their societies and public spheres.

CONSPIRACY THEORIES:| an investigation to develop a new understanding of how people develop and hold conspiracy theories.

PATIENT NEGLECT:| How can the British National Health Service best tackle the problem of patient neglect?

RACISM IN MULTICULTURAL SETTINGS:| What are the best ways to tackle health- damaging racism and discrimination in unequal multi-cultural settings?

SOCIAL CHANGE AND SOCIAL MOVEMENTS: What understandings of social change are needed to inform health related social movements in the 21st century? (link to special issue)

UNDERGROUND SOCIABILTIES:| an investigation into the ways in which Rio de Janeiro’s favelas use cultural activities, identity and the imagination to regenerate public spheres and construct positive futures for young people at risk of drugs, arms and organised violence.

WHY LOVE MATTERS FOR VULNERABLE CHILDREN:| how the organisation Kids Company supports vulnerable children through simple solutions of emotional care and unconditional love.


Our students go on to exciting careers in politics, research and education, health and social development in a variety of institutions and international organisations such as the World Food Programme, UNESCO and the WHO.

Featured Alumni

Stella Creasy MP, Politician and Member of Parliament


Jennifer Sheehy-Skeffington|, Senior Strategic Analyst at the UK Ministry of Defence and doctoral candidate at Harvard University.


Vlad Glaveanu, Associate Professor, University of Aalborg, Denmark.


Gordon Sammut, Lecturer in Social Psychology at the University of Malta.


Joanna Arriola|, Political and Communications Officer for the British Embassy in Manila, The Philippines.


Denise Davis|, Assistant Director of the Johnston Center for Integrative Studies at the University of Redlands (California, USA).


   Sandra_238 Professor Sandra Jovchelovitch|
Programme Director

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