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Organisational and Social Psychology

OSP Programme page|


In this MSc we examine the interaction between organisations and the people who lead and work within them. We explore how activity in organisational settings is influenced by institutional and societal factors, and the effect this ultimately has upon the organisation and wider society. For more information on the MSc programme, click here|.


We have a mixed and international student cohort. We welcome both students continuing their education after previous studies, or those who have worked in an organisational setting for some time.


Dr Lucia Garcia|
Dr Frederic Basso|
Dr Alex Gillespie|
Dr Ilka Gleibs|
Professor Saadi Lahlou|
Dr Tom Reader|
Barry Rogers|

Selected projects

ORGANISATIONAL CHANGE|. How do individuals negotiate group membership and identification during organisational mergers?

CONTEXTUAL NATURE OF HAPPINESS|: To what extent is the relationship between money and happiness shaped by context?

CROSS-CULTURAL SAFETY MANAGEMENT|. Within international Air Traffic Management, how can 'safety culture' be managed in countries with distinct national cultures?

SUBJECTIVE ETHNOGRAPHY|. How can first-person recording of activity provide unique insights (e.g. for training) into behaviour and cognition within organisational contexts?

EMPLOYMENT AND UNEMPLOYMENT|. How are the (newly formed groups of) un(der)employed responding to the rapidly changing nature or work and employment?

EMOTIONAL LABOUR. What is the impact upon worker well-being of having to display ‘prescribed emotions’ as part of their work?

TEAMWORK IN HIGHRISK ORGANISATIONS|. How is the safety of patient care in acute medical environments influenced by the teamwork and leadership skills of healthcare teams?

BETWEEN PLANNED AND EMERGENT CHANGE. How can emergent change be managed in organisations with very different organisational contexts (e.g. private and public health providers)?


Our students go into a wide variety of roles and settings, for example in management consultancy, human capital, the civil service, charitable organisations, change management, organisational development, and academia.

Featured Alumni

Marcelo Ramella| is deputy director of research at the Bermuda Monetary Authority


Justine Lutterodt |is director of the Centre for Synchonous Leadership, an organisation dedicated to equipping leaders for a new era of business.


Satkeen Azizzadeh| is a PhD candidate in Organisational and Social Psychology at the LSE

tom_reader_237190Dr Tom Reader|
Programme Director
class-of-2013OSP Class

change-2Organisational Change
TeamworkTeamwork in Organisations
subjective-ethnographySubjective Ethnography
Employment-and-unemploymentEmployment and Unemployment