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Health, Community and Development

HCD is suspended for 2015/2016 and 2016/2017

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In this MSc we explore how various forms of collective action and communication can contribute to tackling health inequalities and health-damaging social exclusion. We relate these issues to the fields of public health, international development, social care and the health service user interface. For more information on the MSc programme, click here|


We draw in a lively group of international students from 5 continents. Read| some of our students' profiles.


Professor Catherine Campbell|
Dr Jenevieve Mannell|
Professor Sandra Jovchelovitch|
Dr Tom Reader|
Dr Alex Gillespie|
Dr Caroline Howarth|
Dr Flora Cornish|

Selected projects
Selected projects

GLOBAL MENTAL HEALTH:| How can the Movement for Global Mental Health best support vulnerable local communities?

AIDS AFFECTED CHILDREN:| How can schools best support the well-being of AIDS-affected children in sub-Saharan Africa?

INTERCULTURAL  SETTINGS:| What are the best ways to tackle health-damaging racism and discrimination in unequal multi-cultural settings?

SUPPORTING MARGINALISED YOUTH:| What kinds of partnerships are most likely to support the empowerment of marginalised youth in Brazil and the UK?

PATIENT NEGLECT:| How can the British National Health Service best tackle the problem of patient neglect?

SOCIAL CHANGE AND SOCIAL MOVEMENTS:| What understandings of social change are needed to inform health related social movements in the 21st century?

SOCIAL POLICY:| Can health policy really empower women?

INTIMATE PARTNER VIOLENCE:| What choices do women have in the face of intimate partner violence?


Most of our students go on to work in a range of public health and social development settings around the world, others go on to do PhD degrees, or to study medicine. Read| about what careers our students have gone on to do after the Health, Community and Development Programme.

Featured Alumni

Kerry Scott| is a PhD candidate in public health at Johns Hopkins University.

morten skovdal

Morten Skovdal| is Senior Advisor on Impact and Evidence at Save the Children UK.


Jon Crail| is a Programme Specialist at Marie Stopes International. Based in London he supports family planning programmes in Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Mali and Mexico


Melanie Machingawuta| works for a Johannesburg based global development consultancy working in 150 developing and transition countries

Rachel Marcus

Rachel Marcus| is working for USAID's Bureau for Global Health on issues of health communication, reproductive health, health access and health equity.


Gideon Gorit| is a specialist in Family Medicine in California.

wendi hausfeld

Wendi Hausfield| is a health communication specialist with Deloittes in the USA.


Yumi Toyama| works for a Japanese development agency on projects to limit TB in low income countries.

katie Benjamin

Katie Benjamin| is a Digital Commissioning Manager with NHS England in London. As part of the Digital Engagement and Strategy team, her work focuses on ways to support people into appropriate health and social care services using digital platforms.


Professor Catherine Campbell

Professor Cathy Campbell|

Programme Director

Dr Bankole Falade

Programme Co-ordinator 

HCD Class of 2013-14

 patrick031Photovoice in China


Social Movements for Health


Tackling Patient Neglect in England

Women's Health in India

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