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For all students and Alumni. Please click here| to add your details to the students page.

Psychology@LSE would like to warmly welcome Dr Frederic Basso| to the department!

Dr Ben Voyer| discusses in a video podcast Cultural Differences Matter! Perceptual and Cognitive differences in Consumer Psychology. View page|

Using art and apps in research: How can we use photography to tell the story of our research as well as a form of data collection, and what apps are being developed to support research? See here| for a short film from the LSE Research Festival competition with Steve Bennett (who was a judge of the apps selection) and Caroline Howarth| (who submitted photos from her Cultural identities and community arts project) – both from DSP.

19 Mar 2014 - PUS Seminar, Public attitudes to science in 2014 – how far have we come in 25 years in Britain? View page|

19 Mar 2014 - Ethics in Ethnographic Research. LSE Workshop, Inequality and Poverty Research Programme Anthropology. View page|

4 Mar 2014 - Psychology@LSE Seminar, Dr Tim Kurz, University of Exeter, Breast implants, pole dancing and infant-feeding: complicating female agency in an era of 'post-feminism'

26th February 2014 - PUS Seminar,Title: Media orientation of universities – a golden age for public relations? View page|

13 Feb 2014 - CPD certificated even for Social Psychology Alumni. Gender in Organisational Psychology,Speaker: Dr Jenevieve Mannell|. View page|

11 Feb 2014 - The Health, Community and Development Group, Department of Social Psychology proudly opened it's 2014 seminar series with a panel discussion exploring fourth wave feminism and social change. View page|

5 Feb 2014
- PUS Seminar, Simon Lock, Wellcome Monitor of Public Attitudes to Science. View page|

28 Jan 2014 - Psychology@LSE Seminar, Dr Alex Gillespie|, Form-Filling as a Social Interaction: People with Brain Injury and Caregivers Filling Out a Disability Claim Form. View page|

21 Jan 2014 - Psychology@LSE Seminar, Professor Janice Haaken, Portland State University. Breaking Down: Psychiatry, Politics and PTSD. View page|


sgarner_237_250Dr Steve Garner
University of West of England

"All the exchanges I have participated in at the Psychology@LSE have been thoroughly stimulating, challenging and thought-provoking. I always leave looking forward to the next one.