PhD Students


Satkeen Azizzadeh

Supervisors: Lucia Garcia|, Saadi Lahlou|

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Donna Baillie

Supervisors: Alex Gillespie|, Jason Alexander 

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Sara Belton

Supervisors: Catherine Campbell|, Alex Gillespie|

Research Interests: 
Exploring the psychosocial barriers to children’s HIV service access in western Uganda

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Apurv Chauhan

Supervisors: Catherine Campbell|, Sandra Jovchelovitch|

Research Interests:
Social Representations of Poverty in India

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Adam Christmas

Supervisor: Martin Bauer|

Research Interests:

My research focuses on experiences of stress and momentary assessment methods. For my thesis, I am developing an improved method for taking momentary measurements of stress and anxiety using mobile technology, and investigating how these measurements interact with others such as environmental context and temperament. My background is in programming, social design of information systems, methodology, and psychology.

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Natalia Concha

Supervisors: Sandra Jovchelovitch , Frederic Basso|

Research Interests:
The Psychosocial Transitioning of the Maternal Self

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Kevin Corti

Supervisors: Alex Gillespie|, Tom Reader|

Research Interests:
I am interested in developing new methods of experimentation for illuminating social psychological phenomena, principally how implicit attributions shape intersubjective contexts. The research projects for my PhD focus on two specific domains of intersubjective analysis.
The first concerns how humans experience socializing with “human-like” forms of artificial intelligence.

The second concerns how implicit self-representations affect behaviour, strategy, and outcomes in distributive economic bargaining simulations. Beyond these domains, my other research interests include evolutionary psychology, consumer psychology, and political social psychology.  

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Clare Coultas

Supervisors: Catherine Campbell|, Flora Cornish
Research Interests:
My current research focuses on social representations of youth sexuality in the Tanzanian 'development' context, particularly exploring their construction and interaction through communicative encounters between young people, NGO workers and institutions (mediated through documents such as curricula, guidelines and reporting templates).

My interest in this area stems from my five years experience working in NGO programmatic and research roles focusing mainly on child and youth issues in East and Central Africa. My research interests also include intercultural communication, community participation, gender, global health, narratives and arts-based methodologies. I hold a BSc in Human Sciences and MSc in International Primary Health Care, both from University College London, UK. 

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Simon Evans

Supervisors: Saadi Lahlou|, Bradley Frank |

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Sandra Obradovic

Supervisors: Caroline Howarth|, Sandra Jovchelovitch |

Changing the past to create the future: The role of social representations of history and identity in shaping Serbia’s path to EU integration.

My current research explores the role of social representations of history in shaping present identities and future political aspirations. More specifically I am interested in understanding the role that representations and identities play in making certain versions of the future of a nation more acceptable than others. The two-way relationship between representations and identities is at the core of my research interests, alongside a desire to rehabilitate the image of history within social and political psychology. These interests, coupled with a strong belief in the benefits of applying social psychological theories to the field of political psychology, define the research I am conducting at the LSE.

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