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Professor Martin Bauer

For publications click here|martinWbauer_cmsMartin Bauer at conference speech in Nancy

In September 1994 I joined the LSE where I am closely involved with Social Psychology and the Department of Methodology|.

Before that I had graduated in Psychology and Economic History [Bern & Zurich] and worked briefly for NCR Switzerland in office automation, but then decided to do a PhD in Social Psychology [PhD, LSE].

As a Research Fellow at the Science Museum London, I spent a great part of 1993 at the Maison des Sciences de l'Homme in Paris, and I teach regularly in Brazil (in Alegre and Campinas).  

My research focuses on the changing science-society relations. Among other things, this change shows itself in public controversies of science and technology (STePS). This leads to topics like resistance in social processes, public opinion, science communication and literacy, social representations and attitudes of science and technology, in particular modern biotechnology, but also nuclear power, global warming and other controversial topics.

The key question of the STePS research group is: how does public opinion evolve and impact on socio-technical developments? In that context I organized two significant conferences: in 1993 on 'Resistance to New Technology' at the Science Museum in London, and in 2007 on 'Science and the Public – towards cultural indicators' at the Royal Society of London. STePS also hosts the monthly London Public Understanding of Science Seminar, and since April 2009 I edit the international peer-reviewed journal with that name.

I retain an active interest in activity psychology with topics like job design, motivation, emotion & stress, resistance to change, organisational learning, and in methodological issues of content analysis, corpus construction, computer-assisted text analysis, and n=1 research, experience sampling and 'bemetology'.  

Currently I am directing the MSc Social and Public Communication and convene and and teach with colleagues several courses:

PS438 Corporate Communication

PS439 Science, Technology and Resistance

Mi454 Qualitative Research: Interview, Text and Image

Mi554 Advanced Qualitative Analysis Workshops

I contribute the occasional lecture to other courses like PS400 , PS404 , PS410, PS429, PS438, Mi453, and in BIOS.


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Professor Martin Bauer

In September 1994 I joined the LSE where I am closely involved with Social Psychology and the Methodology Institute