Soydan Soylu


Soydan Soylu

I am a teaching assistant for Research Methods for Social Psychology I & II (PS448/449) since 2008.

I graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University, Turkey in Business Administration, and then joined the London School of Economics in 2006, where I obtained an MSc in Organisational and Social Psychology at the Institute of Social Psychology. I began my PhD in October 2007, under the supervision of Dr. Jan Stockdale. In my doctoral study, I focus on workplace bullying in the Turkish context. I am exploring the bullying phenomenon by utilising both quantitative and qualitative research techniques.

In addition to my commitments to PS430, I offered dissertation support for MSc students at the Institute of Social Psychology as a project officer in the summer of 2009. Furthermore, I am an examiner for the University of London External Programme for the course Elements of Social and Applied Psychology.

Commencing January 2010, I am joining Harvard University |as a visiting fellow in affiliation with the Department of Psychology. 

Research Interests

My main research interests are in organisational behaviour, bullying at work, leadership, and business ethics. My current projects examine the relationship between power relations and alienation at work in Turkey.


I am a teaching assistant for Research Methods for Social Psychology I & II (PS448/449) since 2008.

Publications & Conference Presentations

Soylu, S. (2010). Differences between public and private sector employees with respect to exposure to bullying at work: Evidence from Turkey. Paper to be presented at the 27th International Congress of Applied Psychology, July 11th – 16th, Melbourne.

Soylu, S. (2010). Creating a family or loyalty-based framework: The effects of paternalistic leadership on workplace bullying. Paper to be presented at the 26th EGOS Colloquium, July 1st – 3rd, Faculdade de Economia Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Lisbon.

Soylu, S. (2010). The Relation between Bullying and Perceived Organisational Justice: A Structural Equations Model. Paper to be presented at the 7th International Conference on Workplace Bullying and Harassment, June 2nd - 4th, University of Glamorgan, Cardiff.

Soylu, S. (2009). The Dark Side of Expecting Deference in Exchange for Care: The Relationship between Paternalistic Leadership and Bullying in Turkish Workplaces. Paper presented at the 10th International Human Resource Management Conference, June 21-24, New Mexico State University, New Mexico.

Soylu, S, Peltek, P. & Aksoy, B. (2008). The Consequences of Bullying on Organisation-based Self esteem, Negative Affectivity, and Intentions to Leave the Organisation: A Study in Turkey. Paper presented at the 6th International Conference on Workplace Bullying, June 4-6, Université Du Québec à Montréal, Montreal.