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Course Options

At Psychology@LSE we offer three MSc programmes [MSc Organisational and Social Psychology|, MSc Social and Cultural Psychology| and MSc Social and Public Communication|] and support a wide range of PhD studies| and also two Undergraduate courses|.

We also offer a fourth MSc programme [MSc Health, Community and Development], however this is not available until 2017-18.

We structure our programmes and PhD studies carefully in order to develop students skills incrementally and to culminate in final papers and exams. Read more in our section on Pedagogy|.

These programmes run from October - September (12 months).

Click here| to see the admission process.

For each MSc programme, students study two modular courses(termed "half-unit options") offered from within the department(although it is also possible to take an outside module).

Core Courses

And one of the following streams relating to research methods (1 unit):

Courses to the value of one full unit from the following half-unit Optional Courses (students must do two of these):


Laura Melo
World Food Programme, Donor Relations Officer
[Psychology@LSE Alumni 1991-92]
"The MSc in Social Psychology allowed me to develop the two pillars of my professional life: analytical skills and cognitive flexibility.
The ability to quickly absorb, analyse and apply information from a variety of sources has been fundamental to my work both as a journalist and as an aid worker.
My understanding of group dynamics, social interactions and individual behaviour has been very helpful while working in different communities, in different countries in Africa.
The international outlook, and the personal relationships established thanks to this course have also been a major asset. I probably would not have been where I currently am in my career and in my life without this course."


Anand Joshi
Leadership Development advisor
[Psychology@LSE Alumni 2004-2005
"I first came to the LSE in 2001 to attend summer school. These intense three weeks were an incredible experience: the school's approach to academic study was new to me. It went way beyond pure factual learning and was very much focused on the 'why' - the desire to understand the deeply rooted cause of things.
The rich social life and united nations feel on campus made me and my friends feel at home - you never ran out of things to do or interesting people from all over the world to meet. Reflecting back today, coming to the LSE was one of the best decisions I have ever made."


Alexandra Steinberg
Process Manager Migros
[Psychology@LSE Alumni 1999 - 2002]
"I couldn't have made a better choice than to do my MSc and Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology at the LSE.
The brilliant learning environment I found is not only one of great passion and creativity for questions of contemporary social and organisational change, but also one of cutting-edge, multi-disciplinary research and critical thought.
My time at the LSE was also an unforgettable experience in terms of the inspiring people I met from many different backgrounds, cultures and nationalities, making debate about contemporary questions of social change a privilege."


Parisa Dashtipour
[Psychology@LSE Alumni 2004 - 06]
"I was a student at the social psychology Department for three years. The first year as an MSc student and the last two as a PhD student. During my MSc, I found the teaching and research carried out at the Department highly inspiring, which was why I decided to stay and conduct a PhD.
As a PhD student, I enjoy an academic atmosphere which is highly stimulating and capable of cultivating a hunger for knowledge in everyone who is involved. Because of this and because of its aim for excellence, it is the ideal place to study the fascinating subject of social psychology.