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Our former students include many professors, lecturers, researchers, professionals and policy makers in the worlds of business, the media. NGOs and social and public policy now working in the UK, the rest of Europe, North and South America and other parts of the world. 

Psychology@LSE has currently over 5000 Alumni. If you are one of our Alumni, please contact us|.

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Ingrid Le Duc
Education Management, Ecole Polythechnique Federal de Lausanne

[PhD Alumni 1996-97]

"I am proud to hold a PhD in Social Psychology from the LSE. Having a PhD from LSE represents having been immersed in an exceptional academic environment.

In social psychology this meant being taught, supported, supervised and challenged by some of the discipline's key theorists and researchers in the making. This experience gave me a unique understanding of higher education at its very best. LSE is my benchmark when tailoring the support and advice I offer today to faculty for its development"