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Daniel Linehan
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Jacqueline Crane
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Terri-Ann Fairclough
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We are a leading international centre dedicated to consolidating and expanding the contribution of social psychology to the understanding and knowledge of key social, economic, political and cultural issues.

How can the theory and practice of social psychology enhance individual, collective and organisational well-being and effectiveness in specific social settings?

Psychology@LSE is one of Europe's largest academic centres of social psychology. Our teaching and research cluster around four MSc programmes, each with a PhD track. Each of these programmes explores the role of communication and action in changing human behaviour and experience in particular contexts.

Thematic priorities include: social inequalities, science and technology, organisational and economic life, and health and social care.

It is with great sorrow that we acknowledge the death of Professor Serge Moscovici.

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  • 25th February 2015 - PUS Seminar. Has ten years' of public dialogue in the UK had any impact on science policy? 16.15-18:00 S314. Read more
  • 3rd February 2015 - Public Seminar. Psychology as a Social Science series. Not in Our Name: Contesting the (mis)use of psychological arguments in the immigration debate. Speaker: Professor Reicher. Read more

  • 28th January 2015 - PUS Seminar. Professor Martin Bauer and Nick Allum discussed: Changes in the culture of science in Britain – converging evidence from various surveys. Read more

  • 27 January 2015 - Dr Alex Gillespie organised an inter-departmental seminar between the Departments of Media and Communications and Social Psychology. Organisational Listening: The Missing Element in Public Communication and the Public Sphere. Speaker: Professor Jim Macnamara, University of Technology, Sydney (UTS). Read more

  • 20th January 2015 - Professor Cathy Campbell, who has a particular interest in Photovoice as a tool for research and activism, chaired a public debate about liberation and photography at the LSE. Read more

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Can Power Change how we connect with others?

Ben Voyer in his research studies how power changes the way we see ourselves in relation to others. Read more|


Dr Lucia Garcia was invited to attend as a judge and to submit 3 of our OSP research dissertations to the IndigoGold new research in workplace psychology awards, Sarah Latham (OSP Msc students dissertations) came second in the final shortlist. Read more |

Climate Change is a topic of growing interest to Psychology@LSE. PhD graduate Sharon Jackson is both a climate change researcher and activist, and was recently involved in organising a march in Tanzania. Read more|


Research published by Basso F|., Robert-Demontrond Ph., Hayek-Lanthois M., Anton J.-L., Nazarian B., Roth M. & Oullier O. (2014), Why people drink shampoo? Food Imitating Products are fooling brains and endangering people for marketing purposes, PLoS ONE 9(9): e100368. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0100368. Read more|

alexStoryLine Research by Corti & Gillespie| replicating and extending Stanley Milgram’s research on cyranoids, recently published in the Journal of Social Psychology has been reported in Discovery|  Magazine and Wired| Magazine. Read more|

Dr Ben Voyer |wrote about the meaning of brand tattoos in an article published online by the Washington Post and The Conversation UK. Dr Voyer highlights the growing role of brands and brand communities as identity providers, and the role that tattoos can have in terms of brand community membership. Read more|


Rochelle Burgess – who started her academic career on the MSc in Health, Community and Development|, has been awarded her PhD by the London School of Economics. Read more|.


Teresa Whitney, PhD Candidate in Social Psychology, presented her research at the 10th annual London Festival of Architecture. Teresa’s presentation entitled 'The Intersections of Identities and Space: Facilitating Dialogue and Building a Safe Space' highlighted the role physical space plays in intergroup relations, presenting the opening of the LSE Faith Centre located on the second floor of the new Student Centre as a case study. For more information see her poster for the event.| 

storyline Prof Campbell| gave a keynote address for community psychology conference in Bologna on ‘New forms of social protest and new social movements: implications for the theory and practice of community psychology’. Read more|
Abdelshahid44_66 Former MSc student in Social and Cultural Psychology, Amy Abdelshahid, recently had her MSc dissertation published in the Journal of Community and Applied Social Psychology, a leading outlet for work in community health psychology. Read more|
BenVoyer49_66h Consumer Psychology Research in China on TV. Visiting Fellow Dr Ben Voyer| discussed his research on cross-cultural consumer psychology and the Chinese luxury market on CNBC live morning show.  Read more|


Research from Dr Lucia Garcia| and colleagues has been discussed recently by BBC’s News|. This important research explores the social and psychological processes surrounding high unemployment in Southern Europe during the last 18 months.
storyline Professor Catherine Campbell| has won the BPS Distinguished Career Award| in recognition of her contribution to Social Psychology.
alexStoryLine Dr Alex Gillespie| has been promoted to an Associate Professor, and has also been awarded a teaching prize!!
cathyvaughan_newsthumb HCD Research Associates, Andrew Gibbs and Cathy Vaughan, led the international focus on men and masculinities with a special issue of Culture, Health and Sexuality. The special issue critically explores the work that has been done with men and boys in health and sexuality programmes, and how this can be done in more progressive, equitable and health-enhancing ways. See call for papers|

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The team at the Department involves full time academic| faculty, visiting academics|, teaching fellows|, administrative support|, Research staff|, graduate teaching assistants| and PhD students|.

The administration team ensure the smooth running of the unit and operate on a 'door always open' basis.

The Psychology Technical Workshop| team are unique within the LSE - they provide technical advice and equipment, multimedia production at student request to support research activities.

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