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Department Manager
Daniel Linehan
Tel: +44 (0)20 7955 7712
Email: d.p.linehan@lse.ac.uk|

MSc Programme Administrator
Jacqueline Crane
Tel: +44 (0)20 7955 7995
Email: j.c.crane@lse.ac.uk|

PhD Programme and Communications Administrator
Terri-Ann Fairclough
Tel: +44 (0)20 7955 7700
Email: t.fairclough@lse.ac.uk| 



We are a leading international centre dedicated to consolidating and expanding the contribution of social psychology to the understanding and knowledge of key social, economic, political and cultural issues.

How can the theory and practice of social psychology enhance individual, collective and organisational well-being and effectiveness in specific social settings?

Psychology@LSE is one of Europe's largest academic centres of social psychology. Our teaching and research cluster around four MSc programmes, each with a PhD track. Each of these programmes explores the role of communication and action in changing human behaviour and experience in particular contexts.

Thematic priorities include: social inequalities, science and technology, organisational and economic life, and health and social care.

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Catherine Campbell| has won the BPS Distinguished Career Award| in recognition of her contribution to Social Psychology.


Professor Alex Gillespie| has been promoted to an Associate Professor, and has also been awarded a teaching prize!!


30 April 2014 - PUS Seminar, The emergence of modern science communication. View page 


19 Mar 2014 - Ethics in Ethnographic Research. LSE Workshop, Inequality and Poverty Research Programme Anthropology. View page|


4 Mar 2014 - Psychology@LSE Seminar, Dr Tim Kurz|, University of Exeter, Breast implants, pole dancing and infant-feeding: complicating female agency in an era of 'post-feminism'


Dr Ben Voyer| discusses in a video podcast Cultural Differences Matter! Perceptual and Cognitive differences in Consumer Psychology. View page|


Using art and apps in research: How can we use photography to tell the story of our research as well as a form of data collection, and what apps are being developed to support research? See here| for a short film from the LSE Research Festival| competition with Steve Bennett (who was a judge of the apps selection) and Caroline Howarth| (who submitted photos from her Cultural identities and community arts project) – both from DSP.


Psychology@LSE would like to warmly welcome Dr Frederic Basso| to the department!

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The team at the Department involves full time academic| faculty, visiting academics|, teaching fellows|, administrative support|, technical multimedia production|, Research assistants|, graduate teaching assistants| and PhD students|.

The administration team ensure the smooth running of the unit and operate on a 'door always open' basis.

The Psychology Technical Workshop| team are unique within the LSE - they provide technical advice and equipment, multimedia production at student request to support research activities.

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