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We are a leading international centre dedicated to consolidating and expanding the contribution of social psychology to the understanding and knowledge of key social, economic, political and cultural issues.

How can the theory and practice of social psychology enhance individual, collective and organisational well-being and effectiveness in specific social settings?

The Department website is currently undergoing changes. Thank you for your patience while these changes are being made.


Social Psychology blog got mentioned on the website of Time Magazine and Aspen Institute|. How can the theory and practice of social psychology enhance individual, collective and organisational well-being and effectiveness in specific social settings? We discuss this and other issues on our social psychology blog|

alexStoryLine Research by Corti & Gillespie| replicating and extending Stanley Milgram’s research on cyranoids, recently published in the Journal of Social Psychology has been reported in Discovery| Magazine and Wired| Magazine. Read more|


Can Power Change how we connect with others?

Ben Voyer in his research studies h ow power changes the way we see ourselves in relation to others. Read more|


Dr Lucia Garcia| was invited to attend as a judge and to submit 3 of our OSP research dissertations to the IndigoGold new research in workplace psychology awards, Sarah Latham (OSP Msc students dissertations) came second in the final shortlist. Read more |

Climate Change is a topic of growing interest to Psychology@LSE. PhD graduate Sharon Jackson is both a climate change researcher and activist, and was recently involved in organising a march in Tanzania. Read more|


Research published by Basso F|., Robert-Demontrond Ph., Hayek-Lanthois M., Anton J.-L., Nazarian B., Roth M. & Oullier O. (2014), Why people drink shampoo? Food Imitating Products are fooling brains and endangering people for marketing purposes, PLoS ONE 9(9): e100368. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0100368. Read more|

For all students and Alumni. Please click here| to add your details to the students page. Read| about our history blog.

Steve Gaskell (our Department Technician) has passed away recently due to his battle with Cancer. For those who knew him, he will be sadly missed but never forgotten.

  • 18th March 2015 - PUS Seminar. From Star Child to Star Wars: American Science (fiction), Film, and Religion, 1967-1977. LSE Speaker: Amy Chambers. Read more

  • 25th February 2015 - PUS Seminar. Has ten years' of public dialogue in the UK had any impact on science policy? Read more
  • 3rd February 2015 - Public Seminar. Psychology as a Social Science series. Not in Our Name: Contesting the (mis)use of psychological arguments in the immigration debate. Speaker: Professor Reicher. Read more

  • 28th January 2015 - PUS Seminar. Professor Martin Bauer and Nick Allum discussed: Changes in the culture of science in Britain – converging evidence from various surveys. Read more

  • 27 January 2015 - Dr Alex Gillespie organised an inter-departmental seminar between the Departments of Media and Communications and Social Psychology. Organisational Listening: The Missing Element in Public Communication and the Public Sphere. Speaker: Professor Jim Macnamara, University of Technology, Sydney (UTS). Read more
We investigate how social psychological processes shape political, economic, cultural and organisational life. We have a vibrant research culture whi ch draws together different traditions of theory and research in social psychology. Read more
Mind in Society
Social Interaction

Cognition and Culture (Franks|, Gillespie|)

Embodied Cognition (Basso|)

Social Artefacts and Technology (Bauer|, Gaskell|, Lahlou|)

Social Identities (Campbell|,Gleibs|,Howarth|)

Social Representations (Bauer|, Howarth|, Jovchelovitch|, Lahlou|)

Public Understanding of Science and Risk Perception(Bauer|, Reader|, Gaskell |

Agency, Power and Inequality (Campbell, Howarth|, Jovchelovitch|)

Communication and Intersubjectivity (Franks, Gillespie, Reader)

Community Development (Campbell|, Howarth,Jovchelovitch)

Intercultural Relations  (Howarth)

Group Processes (Garcia|, Gleibs|, Reader|)

Organisational cultures
Interdisciplinary Research Groups

Economic life (Basso|, Lahlou|)

Installations and activity (Lahlou|)

Knowledge processes (Garcia|)

Leadership and change
(Bauer|, Garcia|, Gleibs|, Reader|)

Safety and risk cultures (Gillespie|, Reader|)


Health, Community and Development|

Intercultural Research Group|

International Cognition and Culture Institute|

Inter-Personal and Organisational Communication (IPOC)

Mapping the Cultural Authority of Science (MACAS) |

Organisational Research Group |

Underground Sociabilities|


At Psychology@LSE we offer three MSc programmes:

Read more| about our course options.


The Psychology@LSE PhD programme is a vibrant research community, with about 30 PhD candidates working closely with Faculty on a range of topics.

Read more| about our PhD studies

study3 Social Psychology is both an exciting area of research within psychology and a perspective on the whole of the discipline.

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| about our Undergraduate Courses.