Mark Noort

MarkNoortI am a research assistant within the Department of Social Psychology.

I work primarily as an analyst in a large scale international research and consultancy programme that aims to improve safety culture and safety management within European Air Traffic Management.

My research interests span the breadth of social psychology, yet I focus on:

Cultural sense making in organisations and communities

Decision-making in high-risk environments.

Interpersonal and organisational communication

Existential and epistemological uncertainty

Cross-cultural research methodologies


I studied for a BSc (cum laude) in Psychology at Utrecht University (2008-2011) and MSc in Social and Cultural Psychology at LSE (2011-12). At Utrecht University I attained a certificate from the highly selective Von Humboldt college honours programme (2009-2011) and worked as research assistant for the GoalLab. My BSc and MSc dissertations investigated the influence of risk-perceptions on sensemaking processes in interpersonal and intergroup relations.

Since 2012 I have been working within the Department of Social Psychology on an international project with EUROCONTROL investigating safety culture in European air traffic management.