Professor Jennifer Brown


Department: Mannheim centre for criminology|,
Department of Social Policy|

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"I am a chartered forensic and chartered occupational psychologist. Previously I was Head of Psychology at the University of Surrey and prior to that worked at Hampshire Constabulary as their research manager. Currently with Professor Robert Reiner and Dr Mike Shiner I am co-director of the Mannheim Centre. I am also the Deputy chair of the Independent Police Commission looking into the future of policing” (|)

Research interests

I am interested in police occupational culture especially with reference to stress experienced by officers and diversity particularly women's role and coping strategies. I also have researched the investigation of rape from the perspective of police decision making and the provision of behavioural investigative advice. I research aspects of decision making in murder enquiries.

External activities

I recently wrote the supporting academic review of rape research with three colleagues (Miranda Horvath, Liz Kelly and Nicole Westmarland) to support Baroness Stern's report into the investigation and prosecution of rape in England and Wales. I am an associate editor of the International Journal of Police Science and Management. I was the 2011 recipient of the Sir Alan Stilwell award from Griffith University, Brisbane and spent a three week study visit with colleagues from the Department of Psychology and the Centre for Excellence in Policing).


Recent books

  • Brown, J.M. (ed.) The future of policing. London: Routledge. 2013

    Bringing together contributions from both key academic thinkers and police professionals, this book discusses new policing paradigms, lays out a case for an evidence-based practice approach and draws attention to developing areas such as terrorism, public order and hate crime.


  • Brown, J.M.. and Walklate, S.L. (eds.) Handbook on sexual violence. London: Routledge. 2011

    This book contextualizes the complexity of sexual violence within its broader context – from war to the resolution of interpersonal disputes – and covers a wide span including sexual harassment, bullying, rape and murder as well as domestic violence.


  • Brown, J.M., and Campbell, E.A. (eds) Cambridge Handbook of Forensic Psychology.  Cambridge University Press. 2010

    This handbook provides an encyclopaedic-style source regarding the major concerns in forensic psychology.

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  •  Horvath, M.A., and Brown, J.M.(eds.) Rape: Challenging Contemporary Thinking. Cullompton: Willan. 2009  

    This book aims to take stock of current thinking and research about rape and the way it is handled in practice within the criminal justice system, and to challenge some of the widely held but inaccurate beliefs about rape. It brings together leading researchers in the field from psychology, sociology and law, considering new research and presenting new data from a strong theoretical and contextual base.

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Recent articles and book chapters

  • Cole, T., and Brown, J. (in press)  Behavioural investigative advice; assistance to investigative decision making in difficult to detect murder. Journal of Investigative Psychology and Offender Profiling.


  • Silvestri, M., Tong, S., and Brown, J.M. (2013) gender and police leadership; time for a paradigm shift. International Journal of Police Science and management. 15, 61-72


  • Salaam, A., and Brown, J. (2013) Ethical Dilemmas in Psychological Research with Vulnerable Groups in Africa  Ethics & Behavior, Volume 23, Issue 3


  • Brown, J. (2012) Facet theory and multi-dimensional scaling methods in forensic research in Sheldon, K., Davies, J. Howells, K. (Eds.) (2011) Research practice for forensic professionals. Routledge.


  • Brown, J. (2011) Stress and policing; a retrospective reflection and contemporary updating in Devonport, T. (ed) Managing stress; from theory to practice. Nova Science publishers.


  • Brown, Jennifer and Woolfenden, Susan. (2011) Implications of the changing gender ratio amongst warranted police officers. Policing, 5, 1-9.


  • Brown, Jennifer. (2011) We mind and we care but have things changed? Assessment of progress in the reporting, investigating and prosecution of allegations of rape. Journal of Sexual Aggression 17,1-10.